Big Davies, Little Davies, Cardboard Box

As a Bolton Wanderer there are things you are just not entitled to do. Expect anything, actually attend games and embrace hyperbole. I’m going to have a bash at the latter; Mark Davies should play for Barcelona.

Although their youth system may not quite be heralded to the same degree as the Catalan’s, wolves deserve some credit for producing a player who passes with both feet, controls and moves the ball quickly and incisively… a true rarity of English midfielders. The sight of the little man making his debut against Spurs a couple of years ago was a sight to behold and drew huge praise from Sky’s pundit on the day, unfortunately the pundit that day was Paul Merson so his opinion was probably shunted in the same draw as ‘like a fish up a tree’ and other marvels. Team mates alike have heaped praise on Little Davies, ‘the best player I’ve ever played with’ unfortunately did not come from Gary Cahill, Marcos Alonso, Johann Elmander or Daniel Sturridge but from Bradford and Burnley legend Robbie Blake. Still you get the point, and you have to start somewhere!

Mark Davies career has progressed slowly, which sounds ridiculous for a 23 year  old who now looks a certain starter in a top 10 Premier League team (get that in whilst I can). However, slow is what it is in this day and age, especially compared to our little man in the middle last year Jack Wilshire, last seen bullying Busquets and Iniesta just like SKD taught him. Signed from Wolves, via Leicester he has worked his way up the league ladder, unlike Jack the lad who is already hailed by the England boss as the future of our game. Unfortunately, praise must be given to G.Megson for an astute signing of a lower league player, diminutive in stature for a very good price… blend that in the middle of a paragraph so hopefully most have stopped reading. The point being that good players do still exist below the Prem, as do players who have not burst onto the scene aged 5 nutmegging a kid on Youtube who has never played the game before. Some players need exposure to the top level and time to overcome long term injuries before their potential can start to be fulfilled.

As no one cares about us, Owen Coyle’s press conferences are usually based around championing SKD/Gary Cahill/Daniel Sturridge’s case for a place with the Three Lions. Expect Little Davo to be added to this rota soon… and why not?

Rhetorical but I’ll answer. Small club, small profile. He has all the potential to star alongside Jack in England’s midfield for years to come… hell I’ve even noticed him alongside Stu Holden (swoon). But playing for Bolton doesn’t do too much for your International credentials, just ask Gary Cahill. Matty Taylor describes him as a ‘quiet, shy lad who isn’t very confident’. A very odd choice of words but the point is clear… not the type to be scrapping outside a club at 3am (that’s you Jack) and therefore not one to get in the papers, Bolton Evening News aside.

Thankfully little Davo has just signed a contract extension, so expect to see him contribute numerous assists over the next year or two… keeping Muamba out the team in the meantime (please?) and knocking on England’s door. Just don’t expect Fabio or ‘Arry to open it anytime soon.

In other news SKD had to wrestle his donkey into it’s stable the other day and something about a cardboard box….

Philip Gillett´╗┐

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