Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughThe Gunners get Swiss rolled - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough The Gunners get Swiss rolled - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

The Gunners get Swiss rolled

Here we are again talking about dodgy yellows. No, I’m not talking about the eleven banana men chasing Barca shadows around for ninety minutes, but in case you hadn’t heard, RVP was dismissed Tuesday night in farcical fashion.

When will FIFA wake up and use their noggins? A potentially epic game between arguably the two best passing teams in the world was ruined because of a clear lack of common sense. The referee isn’t to blame entirely for the palaver, but perhaps it’s just irony that both Busacca (the ditsy ref) and FIFA chief Blatter both hail from ‘ditsy’ Switzerland…?

Why can’t a striker celebrate by hurling himself into his own fans? Who is that provoking other than jubilation and appreciation? Why can’t you reveal a message saluting your achievements or hailing the deceased? Does it really hurt? What next; no dancing, no cartwheels, no Jimmy Bullard specials? It’ll be a quick clap, shake hands, a bow, and we’re kicking off again. How crap is that!?

Football is fast becoming a Health and Safety workshop and before long, FIFA need to get their heads together and abolish these stupid yellow cards. They need to give a referee the power to use their brain. They don’t need to send the last man off, give a penalty and suspend him for three games for a legitimate mistimed tackle… the referee knows it and so does every other participant in the game.

I sometimes wonder if it’s an ego thing with these FIFA bods. I mean it’s just so obvious to everybody that there are faults in the disciplinary system so surely it must be the same when they sit down for their AGM. Perhaps they don’t come out and just put it right as they don’t want to be seen changing things because the media told them to, or the clubs themselves?

The game is about passion and there is nothing more a fan loves to see than a player displaying that passion for all to see.

Sort it out Blatter!


Simon Bourne!/I3orny

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