We’re not millionaires you know!

Just when your team does the most incredible thing, a semi final FA Cup destiny for Manchester City at Wembley, you think of the cost.

There’s obviously the ticket cost, getting down to London and possibly staying over as well, not to mention the cost of food etc on the day, there’s rumours it’s £8.00 for a hotdog!

But on a serious note, for the average working person that goes to football it already costs a lot, but a semi final trip to Wembley itself will cost a fortune and then if their team wins they have to go back again!

Why do the FA do this? Surely it would be better to have the semi finals at neutral grounds? It also seems as though fans feel that the trip to Wembley in the semis spoils the ‘once in a lifetime trip’ in the final.

Mind you, who am I to complain, it might be the only trip we have this year, I’d best save my pennies!

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