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Super Mario or Super Sulker?

When Roberto Mancini spent £23m on Mario Balotelli, football fans in England particularly Manchester City fans didn’t know what to expect from the 20 year old.

A few months on and there is reason to believe Mario’s heart isn’t really in it, no doubt he has talent and the ability to be one of the best players in the world at such a young age, words even used from the ‘special one’ at Real Madrid. But Mourinho got rid of Balotelli when he was at Inter for the fact he is never happy.

This seems to be evident as he hardly produces a smile, even when scoring a goal. Balotelli has undoubtedly got pace, skill and the knack to score any type of goal as he notches 10 goals so far this season in around 20 games, in that time though he has also picked up 9 yellow cards and 2 red, 1 coming in the Europa game last time against Dynamo Kiev which may have proved costly.

This certainly hasn’t helped his cause with the City fans who are still trying to decide whether they like him or not. Balotelli also as well as lashing out at inappropriate times is ‘a little dramatic’ to put it kindly, his over reacting falls most of the time result in no foul which causes him to get angry as he doesn’t get his way, the bizarre incident in the 1st leg in Ukraine led to Mario being subbed for having itchy eyes and a swollen face, Mario is allergic to grass, what footballer is allergic to grass?

Who knows whether Balotelli has a future at City, a lot of fans want him gone, in my opinion he is too much of an individual and not a team player. He doesn’t show love to the fans, there is no emotion when he scores, he doesn’t listen to the manager, as soon as he arrived he said he wanted to go to AC Milan or Napoli before setting foot on grass for City and his confidence shall we say may seem a little out there and arrogant. This includes him saying there is only Messi out there better than him at the moment and he doesn’t celebrate because scoring a goal is like breathing to him.

Mario also talks about how he wants to be the best in the world which is a fine ambition to have, but he never talks about how he wants to help city become the best team in the world.

Believe it or not after that criticism I still like the kid, not happy with his antics at the moment but bags of talent in that young man’s feet, I am hoping he grows out of it as I am sure some can sympathise with the upbringing he has had and moving away from such a close family.

For a lot of fans it’s Super Sulker, but I’ll hold out a little longer for Super Mario, if you score in the semi final of the FA Cup, I’m sure everyone will forgive you!

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