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Whisper It Quietly Children – Argyle Are Staying Up

Ok, so there is probably a sound argument to suggest I got more than a little carried away when writing the headline.

 I have to admit that the same happened when turning up to Home Park on Saturday to report on the game. My mind did get carried away with writing a piece about the survival of Argyle, following a beautiful Pilgrim performance.

However, arriving into the press box, I soon realised it was not lavish lifestyle that you dream of when entering into sports journalism, teaching me that a career in the industry means that you should leave the dreams at the front door – you have a job to do.

I was though; surprised to see most around the ground in high spirits despite the perilous position the club find themselves in on and off the pitch. Special mention has to go to the staff who are the forgotten victims, despite not being paid for 7 weeks the staff are still working hard to help towards the survival of the club.

The spirit of the staff was infectious and I once again began to dream of spreading the word that Argyle were on the verge of the ‘great escape’.

 However, another goal for the prolific Dale midfielder Gary Jones adding to his other 17 goals in all competitions – a remarkable feat for any midfielder – suddenly seemed to make mission impossible seems exactly that for Argyle. 

The Pilgrims were second best on the day and the result will not help to change the predicament of the cash strapped club, relegation now begins to look a certainty. But should it be? After all, they are only in danger of relegation following a points deduction from the Football League after the club had to appoint an administrator to try and rectify the clubs debt.

 I am though; in no doubt when I say this move by the Football League is an unfair and outrageous decision.  Whilst most will disagree and say that a club finding themselves in that position deserve the punishment for not living within their means, I argue that it impacts on the wrong people. The fans.

 I am a firm believer that this rule punishes the people who matter most in the form of the Argyle faithful. After all those responsible – the owners – will move on in a few weeks, selling the club, moving onto their next ill advised business venture, leaving the remaining staff and life long fans to pick up the debris left behind, with the possibility of the club finding themselves in League Two.

 Therefore, the bizarre decision by the Football League punishes the fans and takes the club a step closer to not existing and the board at Argyle, ironically nicknamed ‘ The Magnificent Seven’ will simply move onto pastures new…

 The Football League simply needs to rethink the way it punishes clubs, a way to punish those directly responsible and not the fans, for whom their club is their life. 

If Argyle find themselves languishing in League Two next season, The Football League should join the ‘The Magnificent Seven’ in hanging their heads in shame, for hindering instead of helping a club in trouble.

 To all Pilgrims, keep the faith. Eight more “cup finals” remain.

By Martyn Edwards 

Twitter: martyn_edwards

 * As a Brentford fan, I like most will still wish all the best to Argyle fans and staff in keeping the club in existence. The club are going to be holding an auction containing items donated by people in order to help raise money for the cash strapped club. I urge any football fan to help in any way they can :*




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