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Time to go, Don Fabio

Nine league titles, three Italian Cups, One European Cup, One European Super Cup…yes, that’s right, Fabio Capello is a vastly experienced and successful football manager. You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise though, especially after this week’s latest PR disaster.

By reinstating John Terry as the permanent England captain, the Italian has publicly undermined himself, and his actions just over twelve months ago. Even if Peter Crouch believes the squad are happy with the decision, although it may just be a case of one member of Infidelity Anonymous sticking up for another.

This isn’t the first time Capello has backtracked on his managerial principles either; in his first press conference he stated that he would not pick any player short of either form or fitness.

Fast forward to last May, Theo Walcott, Darren Bent and Scott Parker are culled from the final 23-man squad, yet Ledley King, Gareth Barry and Emile Heskey were all on the plane to South Africa.

The fiasco of Terry’s reappointment also calls into question Capello’s lack of man-management skills. To strip Rio Ferdinand of the captaincy is one thing, but to not have the moral fibre to tell him personally is scandalous, and truly beggars belief.

Or at least it would if Capello hadn’t forcibly retired David Beckham on television, again without talking to Golden Balls – what a great example of how to treat the most senior player of your squad.

And the least said about the ‘Capello Index’ the better.

Just imagine if Steve McClaren had acted in such a fashion, he’s lucky he’s just the ‘Wally with the Brolly’.

Now don’t mistake this for an anti-Capello rant – I was one of his staunchest supporters when he was handed the job. But I believe you should give credit where credit’s due, and, by the same token, fault where fault is due.

For £6 million a year Capello’s reign has been a disaster. There have been the numerous poor team selections and tactics, a dismal World Cup campaign, man-management to make David Brent wince and a PR campaign to make Gordon Brown shudder.

But even worse than that is the irreparable damage to the reputation of one of the world’s stellar managers.  

England should beat Wales, without the injured Gareth Bale, comfortably today, and they should qualify for Euro 2012 with relative ease too, but don’t expect them to do better than recent history…not with Capello in charge.

James Riley

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