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Show us the money

At the end of the 2009-2010 season most football scribes and fans of Manchester United foresaw an overhaul of the united squad in the summer. Carrick was one of those who were rumoured to be headed toward the exit in the expected clear out. Not only is Carrick still on the united payroll but his less than average performances have earned him a contract extension. An investment is obviously needed especially in the midfield which consists of ageing individuals and a couple of youngsters who are still finding their feet in the first team. The summer clear out never happened and instead United went bargain hunting with relative success by getting a gem in Hernandez, a promising Chris Smalling and the matter of Bebe is sub judice.

The rumours of a clear out still persist and I feel the talk is valid because it is apparent that United need additions to their squad despite being on top spot in the league. For additions to be made they will have to drop some dead weight, pardon the phrase but there are players in that team that collect huge cheques for no apparent reason. After posting huge losses and having to service the huge debt, the team from Manchester cannot compete for top players against rivals like Chelsea who have already made an investment by tempting Torres to London. All we keep hearing is that the money is there for SAF to buy players and chances are good that he will spend on a few players but I would not bet on him spending the £165m that’s claimed to be available.

Instead of claims of having funds to buy players, what I am sure most united fans want are headlines on Football Friends telling them of a signing of player like Hamsik whom united are rumoured to be interested in.

All we really want is a lot less of talk and a bit of spending it makes for good news and gives us football fans a lot to look forward to.   

Thandaninkosi  Moyo!/Thandaninkosi

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