They think it’s all over….well it is now!

I think we can say that as of 05/04/2011 Spurs season has come to an end.  I know you might think a tad dramatic but let’s face it, we are out of the champion’s league now, our squad is dropping like flies and we have strikers that couldn’t even score in an open goal.  We wont finish 4th and with our form at the moment, be lucky to finish 5th.

I have woken up on many occasions as a spurs fan and felt gutted, this morning was defiantly one of them.  Yes we have done great to get there and I never ever thought spurs would have got this far and I am proud of them but I’m so disappointed that we couldn’t show the spurs that we really are, we weren’t given that chance to play our football and that’s what annoys me the most about last nights result.

I’ve never seen Crouch make a tackle in his spurs life so why he waited until one of our most important games to do two crappy sliding tackles I’ll never know.  There was no need for either of them, it was just stupid.

As for Aaron Lennon “ILL” surely they knew this before the game, during the warm up, why did he leave it until a few minutes before KO, he let us down.  Fair enough if he was ill but he could have said sooner.  It meant we had Jenas on the right who to be honest did absolutely nothing, I swear I never saw him during the game, well only to be pushed aside for Mr “I always score against you” Adebayor for their first goal.  What a joke so were affectively playing with nine men.

For the rest of the guys out there, it was tough when we went down to 10men.  Dawson played his socks off, and I could see the rest of them working really hard, it was just a shame we chasing the ball for about 80 minutes and that Madrid didn’t have to work all that hard to get the result.

Well I’ll be back at the Lane on Saturday when we play Stoke and hoping that my boys will bounce back from this, I can’t see it happening though.


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