Revelations of the Season – Top Five

The Premier League this season has an unearthed quite a few gems, no matter what club you are fan of it is always nice to see a player go from just a name on a team sheet to a headliner.

Here are a few that have come from behind the curtains and now find themselves at the centre of attention when they step onto the pitch.

1. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez

Arguably the best buy of the season “Chicharito” was bought from Chivas after a terrific 2009/2010 season but the “Primera” Division is no “Premier” League, so no one expected him to have the impact that he has had when the signing was announced. He has scored an impressive 15 goals in 32 appearances for Manchester United which is a decent return. His my buy of the season because he has been phenomenal this season by scoring crucial goals and his youth means there is a lot more to come.

2. Charlie Adam

Blackpool would still be playing in the Championship were it not for Charlie Adam’s equaliser from a free kick against Cardiff City in their playoff tie at Wembley – which Blackpool went on to win 3-2. He follwoed this up with excellent performances in the Premier League which has ensured that Blackpool will lose him in the summer transfer window. He really has been that good and is one of the reasons Blackpool have been the surprise package of the season even though they are just a point from the relegation zone. If Blackpool go down, I am sure Charlie Adam will not be going with them.  

3. Peter Odemwingie

10 goals in 26 appearances may not seem like lot for a striker but some of Odemwingie’s goals have been so crucial for West Brom, that come the 22nd of May 2011 they will mean the difference between relegation and survival. The runs that he makes have brought a new dimension to the team and he is a can change a game when things are not going according to plan. He has been involved in most of the good that has seen West Brom ascend from the relegation zone to 13th in the table.

4. Chris Smalling

From Maidstone United to Manchester United in just two years, meteoric is just the word to describe his rise to top flight football. Chris Smalling has had to deputise for Rio in the united defence and if you think he has been sterling you would not be wrong considering that this has been his first season for United. He has gone on to claim Jonny Evans’ spot, even though he is a player who was brought up through the Old Trafford system. Although they are still aspects of his game he still needs to work on he has been a revelation this season.  

5. Victor Obinna

Most Hammers fans will agree that were it not for the on-loan Nigerian their situation could be a lot worse, and that having him gives them a glimpse of hope that next season they will still be in the Premier League.  It is a good thing for West Ham that Inter decided not renew his contract and now have a chance to get him permanently, but because he has been so good for the Hammer there is likely to be competition.

These players have all been revelations this season, I have picked them because of what they have brought to the Premier League this season.

Thandaninkosi Moyo!/Thandaninkosi

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