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Lacklustre United….right?

If Manchester United win their remaining fixtures and claim the Premier League title they will have done so without ever stepping out of first gear, stumbling to the finish line rather than a galloping victory.

Manchester United are a team of rich history, triumph and passion runs through the veins of the “mighty” club, yet with all that in mind they have failed to turn out a single performance that will live long in the memory of many this season which begs the question, if they are to claim the Premier League crown, are they deserving winners?

Many could argue that United have benefited from an unpredictable season, with the so called “top four” dropping points almost for fun.

 United themselves have been very guilty of squandering points in games that some would say are an “easy” three points, they could be home and dry with one hand on the title already had they moved out of the starting blocks.

United have not been at their formidable best like the days of seasons gone by its fair to say.

Only recently they failed to take a much stronger hold on the top of the table, turning out a very lacklustre performance against a stubborn Newcastle United.

Lacklustre. One word that could epitomise the whole of United’s season.

The thing is though, despite United’s so/so season, they still remain leaders of the premier league with only a handful of games to go. So if United claim the title back from Chelsea, then what difference does it make? Other than the teams around them also having a poor season by their own high standards, United must have done something to get there in the first place?

Earlier in the season, United brushed aside struggling Liverpool with ease, Dimitar Berbatov scoring a neat hat – trick. They also took apart Arsenal at Old Trafford, and don’t forget that they beat rivals City. The thing is, United have had a very frustrating season, yet when it has come down to it, they have shown glimpses of stepping up a gear when it matters, such as the games against Arsenal and Liverpool.

They have pulled themselves back on more than one occasion, recently Wayne Rooney took the second half of the West Ham game by the scruff of the neck and United were victorious. Against Blackpool United found themselves 2-0 down by half time, and deservedly so, yet through the introduction of Hernandez United claimed all three points yet again.

Take into account the efforts of the rearguard of Ferdinand when fit, if not then the step up from Smalling,  the powerhouse that is Vidic and of course the ageless Van Der Sar. All have had their work cut out this season, and more importantly all have stood up and put their bodies on the line.

They have shown a never say die attitude at times, and it’s this refusal to give up when called upon is why they stand within inches of the title.

Come the end of the season, and the title is decided. If it is Vidic who is lifting the Premier League trophy high into the sky, then United will be deserving winners in a season of uncertainty and the lowering of standards, United have ground out results when called upon.

Lacklustre?  More like resilient. 

Dale Benton


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