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Return of a King! Return of Glory?

As a Liverpool fan I was so excited to see Kenny ‘the King’ Dalglish handed the reigns of the club after a disappointing campaign under old boss Roy Hodgson, but I never expected anything like the resurgence that has been seen in the last three months. When the King took over we were 17 pts behind City and 11 behind Spurs today it stands at 7 and 3 pts just showing the boost that he has given to not just the fans but the players as well. Under the King we have had 26 points from 12 games which maps out to 82.3 pts over 38 games, more than any other team in the premier league, so could this mean a serious title challenge next season? Well we all know Kenny has already been successful as a player and manager at the club in the past and his return has shown a massive improvement in form and a rise in the confidence of the team.

But can this improvement be carried on to next season? Well clearly if United win the 19th title this season then the Liverpool fans will surely want to beat them to the 20th so it will give something for the team to push for, but the team have to start winning against the lower league teams. It’s all well and good doing the double over Chelsea, beating United 3-1 and destroying City 3-0, but even the King hasn’t found the remedy to winning against lower league sides. With a 3-1 loss to West Ham and a defeat to West Brom and former manager Roy Hodgson, it’s obvious there is still work to be done. Maybe new transfers in the summer can correct this, but is it all that simple? Even under Benitez when we came 2nd in the league it was again our performance against lower league opposition that went against us winning the title, so maybe it’s more of a psychological thing.

But what is certain is that Kenny needs to correct this for the next season if the return of the King is to be a return to former glories.

By Joshua Maddox

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