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Bale: I’m staying put

The Welsh youngster has become Europe’s most wanted man since his impressive performances in Europe.

Despite signing an improved four-and-a-half-year deal in March, this has done little to quash speculation on the winger’s future, clubs such as Chelsea, Inter Milan and Barcelona have all been heavily linked with 21-year old.

His performances have earned him the Player of the Year accolade from his fellow professionals, and insists he is stating with Spurs.

The Spurs Starlet told Hotspur Magazine “I have not always been the most confident of people, particularly as a schoolboy, so I needed my parents to keep telling me to believe that I was better than I actually thought I was myself.

 “I’m still the same now. I don’t think that I’m as good a player as people say I am.

“That’s what keeps me working hard – because I want to be the player that others say I am.

“When I first joined Spurs, it was hard for me when I was not playing, although I actually felt ­confident that I would show what I could do if I could get into the side. It was the same when I had a bad injury and couldn’t get back in.

“Then suddenly it took off. I went from strength to strength, because now I was playing ­regularly and not just training.

“I wasn’t even in the squad for a good while, but it all went right when I had a run in the side. My confidence grew with each and every one of those games and there’s no doubt that you learn more from playing than training, and you get better with every experience.”

Referring to his prestigious PFA award, Bale said: “It’s the award you want, it’s from your fellow pros and that’s such a unique ­compliment.

“You see all the names on the list and it’s such an honour to be even mentioned in the same breath as them.

“But you have to acknowledge your team-mates and I did that at the presentation – you don’t win awards like this without them.

“If you don’t play with good players then you don’t really stand out, so I see this as a tribute to everyone, really. ­Naturally, I’m very happy to be the winner but it wouldn’t have happened without all the rest of the lads and I’m grateful to them for that.”

Signed in May 2007 from ­the Saints, Bale’s popularity has skyrocketed this term, his performances against arguable the best right back in the world caught the eye from fans and coaches around the globe as he destroyed the Brazilian Maicon.


Bale declared his intention to stay, even if Harry Redknapp’s men miss out on not only ­Champions League qualification but also the Europa League.

“We have a great young team and a great manager. I believe we’re going places”.

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