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Celtic have lost their bottle

The league looks to have slipped past Celtic for another year running. A Celtic team full of hope gelled together by an excellent manager have thrown it all away but what I can’t tell is have they deserved to win the league?

A team that demolished Aberdeen 9 0, their rivals 3 0(also not losing away to them), played with skill and efficient attack, why wouldn’t they deserve to win the league?

Guts, Celtic have no guts. The same team that beat Aberdeen 9 0 lost the very next weekend, Beat Rangers 2 0 away at Ibrox, draw away to Hamilton in the next league game.  Demolish Rangers 3 0 at home, lose next weekend to Motherwell. Whenever Celtic have a chance to take momentum, to up and take their chances to win the league they don’t have the guts to grab that chance and to make use of it.
This year looked to be the team that would do it. Neil Lennon pulled the squad together from nothing and made something special. He said that he wanted to bring the thunder back to Parkhead and hasn’t he got it. The fans are as passionate as ever, and that’s why they are also as heartbroken as ever as the way this league looks to have swung. From a full stadium bouncing to the fans doing the huddle, to what will likely be a very gloomy scene on the 15th and they await to hear that by half time Rangers have put 4 past Kilmarnock.

As ever there will be a scapegoat. Samaras for his penalty miss (although he single handily put two past them at the same venue a few months earlier) Mulgrew for his criminal defending in Motherwell the list could go on.

There could also be hero’s in the Celtic team. Beram Kayal has shown how midfielding should be done. Emillio Izzaguire has been a success in Celtic’s dreaded and jinxed left back position, and has gone on to win player of the year. Gary Hooper and Anthony Stokes have proved to have a strong partnership. Even with all these players and more shining the next week is looking bleak.

Even more depressing at this situation is the lack of skill or talent in the current Rangers team. Only one real stand-out player being goalkeeper Alan McGregor, the rest of the team being average at best.
Out of all my years being a Celtic fan this is a hard one to take. You need to learn to grab your chances and keep your momentum, we’ve not done this. You watch so many teams do it and shake your head in disgust as they throw it away, now I can’t help to know how their fans have felt. The players as a whole should be ashamed of the way they have played at times. I am still proud of my team for some results and I am extremely proud of my manager, but in the end the players just did not have the guts. The guts to get the results that are needed, not just in the big games but every week in and out, no matter if you’re playing on the high quality Parkhead grass or the cut up hell that Motherwell play on, you don’t let yourselves slip up and you put the ball in the net, that is what Celtic have done wrong this season, and that is why they do not deserve to win the league.

Though saying that neither do Rangers.

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