Bored Already

Following on from my piece ‘ Summertime and the Living Is…Well, Boring’, about missing football during the summer, true to my word I am bored already. It’s been just over a week since the final whistle blew at the Championship Play-Off Final (well done Swansea) and already I’m kicking around the house, looking for things to do, finding things to do, and then not doing them.

Last weekend was filled with events such as taking my boy swimming, taking books back to the library and tidying the garage. This weekend I have the exciting prospect of fixing a piece of guttering. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

Looking back at last Saturday, and call it osmosis, Pavlov’s dog syndrome, or years of mind conditioning, at precisely 4.45pm I instinctively logged onto the web to check the footy scores. D’oh.

There’s also been little on the Southend front to get excited about. Ticket prices were announced for our home friendlies with Ipswich and Norwich. A Youth striker has signed a new deal. Ho hum.

Manager Paul Sturrock did announce that we were in ‘advanced talks’ with an un-named Championship striker. Thanks Paul for that snippet of info, although it’s hardly stuff to make me rush out and renew my season ticket yet.

But as I wrote last time, I should, after all these years, expect it to be like this – so why am I surprised that it is? It’s the same every year, it ain’t gonna change. News from Roots Hall is drip fed in small doses, every 3 or 4 days. The local rag is even worse (I’m still waiting for their website to be updated since Monday). The silence is deafening. And I’m bored waiting. Hurry up fixture list. Come on season 2011 /2012. This football widower needs livening up.

But until then………off to the guttering.




Since penning the above, Southend have signed striker Neil Harris from Millwall. Being a local lad, it’s something of a dream move for him and I’m sure the majority of supporters will get behind him from the off.


Now back to the guttering.


Lee Morgan

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