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The future is bright, the future….is Spanish?

The European U21 championship is up and running and it offers us all a chance to see what is considered “The future of Football”.

After their World Cup 2010 heroics, and their Catalan giants in Barcelona, all eyes were going to be on Spain.

The Spanish senior squad are a team that boasts such fine talents as Xavi Hernandez, Iniesta, David Villa, not to mention the likes of Casillias in goal, and the fine young centre back in Gerard Pique.

All names that are known worldwide, all names that would unsettle any opposing manager on the team sheet. And these are just some of the first XI, let’s not forget players such as Cesc Fabregas, a true talent mixing it up within the Premier League week in week out, and Fernando Torres, yes his season has been a real mixed bag but on his day he is still a world class striker.

When they were crowned champions of the world, many began to wonder and ask themselves “how long will Spain’s reign as champions last?” baring in mind that some of those names are still fairly young, and hitting the peaks of their prowess as we speak.

Iniesta (27), Fabregas (24), Gerard Pique (23), Players who can continue to reign supreme for a good few years to come.

So what happens when the older players call it quits?

The Spanish’s opening fixture in the European U21 championship’s was against England, a chance for all of us to see just exactly how some of those player’s replacements hold up.

The game ended 1-1. The England squad were lucky to come away with a valuable point after being left spectators throughout the full 90 minutes thanks to some fantastic football from the Spaniards.

It is true some could say that if they were so good, then why didn’t they walk over England in terms of the score line? But in terms of technical ability, ball retention and their all round play, Spain came up trumps.

England’s U21 squad are no mugs. There are some great prospects for English football. Daniel Sturridge has spent a year making his name at Bolton, and showing that he can become a great premier league striker.

Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverly, again building a name for himself at Wigan throughout the season looks like he has a big future in Sir Alex’s plans for United. Also, a note goes to Chris Smalling, who has stepped up to the plate for United on more than one occasion as sufficient cover and future replacement for Vidic and/or Ferdinand.

Then there are the first big money movers of the transfer market, Jordan Henderson (£20M) and Phil Jones (£17+).  Both have had a season of emerging from the youth teams and leaving a mark on their respective clubs. A mark clearly noticed by their pursuers.

And yet for all their prospects and potential, they were made to look very ordinary when Spain came knocking.

If Jones and Henderson are rated at £20million a piece, what the Spain squad must be worth is unimaginable.

The “future” of English football looks interesting and very promising; the “future” of Spain however, looks just as good if not better than their present squad.

It looks like Spain may just dominate the world stage for years to come.


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