The one-man band who blows his own trumpet far too much…

It’s easy for foreign players to get lost in translation.

Sometimes a quote said in one country, is often misread in another.

Yet, with Adel Taarabt, you get the feeling he knows exactly what he is saying.

Upon speaking to French newspaper L’Equipe, Taarabt was more than blunt about the interest shown in him by some of England’s top clubs.

The Moroccan had no hesitation in revealing both Arsenal and Chelsea had contacted him over a possible transfer, and that his side QPR would want £10m for his services.

Part of me refuses to believe the words that come out of the playmaker’s mouth though. However, I don’t think he is being misquoted either.

Just yesterday, Taarabt was printed in the Mail on Sunday, revealing that he is stalling over a new contract at Loftus Road.

After single-handedly steering the Hoops to the top flight, the 22 year-old was aghast over being offered the same money for the next four years.

QPR’s reasoning? He was already on top wages.

Not enough obviously.

Taarabt then proceeded to announce he thought his team would be dropping straight back down to the Championship this campaign, should they keep the “same players.”

If he is still around when pre-season starts, I’m sure the rest of the squad will be happy to find out more about that statement, face to face.

He may just be being honest, but there is a degree of professionalism you need to uphold as one, a PROFESSIONAL footballer and two, the captain of a Premier League side.

Just days before this, Newcastle supposedly had a £5m bid rejected for the former Tottenham man.

Taarabt welcomed the link and was even kind enough to react with a flattering view of his pursuers.

“I do not need one of the big clubs at the moment” is the kind of statement that would have surely left all Geordie’s drooling with excitement.

There is no doubting his talent, but his constant arrogance and lack of commitment begs the question, why exactly would a club in the top four even want a player that probably wouldn’t play every game and is too self-obsessed to realise why?

When at Spurs, it was Taarabt’s temperament that forced him out of White Hart Lane.

Instead of fighting for his spot, Taarabt became disillusioned at why he wasn’t a regular starter, so left, despite having such wonderful ability.

When he completed his move to QPR permanently after a successful loan-spell, boss Neil Warnock was almost forced to make him captain and build the team around him.

This was just to make sure his new talisman was regularly the star of the show and that he didn’t throw his toys out the pram.

And in all fairness, he showed what he can do. Taarabt’s talent is there for all see after his 19 goals last season guided Warnock’s men to top-spot in England’s second-tier.

But he made QPR a one man team.

It’s easy to remember his brilliance but it’s equally as easy to remember the constant dribbles and shots where team-mates were in better positions.

When his exuberance works, it’s brilliant. When it doesn’t, it’s extremely frustrating.

And unless Taarabt can erase that side of his game, he will never make it at a top club, as no matter how hard he believes it, he will not be the leading man.

Another question mark over Taarabt’s comments, surely Chelsea wouldn’t be making moves for any players without a manager, and Arsene Wenger is a clever enough man to realise that a player in the mould of Taarabt would be an abrasive addition to what he is trying to blend together at The Emirates?

So it makes me wonder, is there really any truth in Taarabt’s confessions, or is it just a bluff to try and coax more money out of his current employers?

Whatever it may be, if he could just keep his mouth shut and let his feet do the talking, perhaps he will make that dream move to a top team in the foreseeable future.

But until he realises it’s not all about Adel Taarabt, no matter how hard he believes, it just won’t happen.


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