The Modric Saga

The most serious piece of business that Tottenham will do this season is regarding the future of one of their own, Luka Modric. This saga, which has already gone on for several weeks, seems as if it will go all the way to September 1st. However, at their present course it seems as though he will be going eventually to Chelsea. There have been rumours that he will formally ask for a transfer in the coming days. If he does Daniel Levy will be first on the list to blame, if current reports are true.

Harry Redknapp in recent interviews has been a lot more understanding than the Chairman. As he rightly says it is hard in any job when someone else are offering potentially triple your current wages. Clubs are just as disloyal as players, if someone is surplus to requirements then the club will sell them. 

There is no doubt that the first bid of £22 million and the current bid of £27 million are nowhere near enough, in the current climate, for Modric. If Jordan Henderson and Stewart Downing are worth £20 million then Modric is worth £40 million at least.

Modric claims that Levy has broken an agreement, whereas Spurs have denied this, one thing is for sure though, he is unsettled, and this will not go away in a hurry. Modric does not seem the type of player who will sulk if he does not get his wish and for how good  he has been for Spurs, he deserves a more flexible approach to his future than he is getting.

He needs Levy and Redknapp to sit down with him properly and come to an appropriate agreement over what he wants and what they want. Chelsea are a bigger club than Tottenham but it is true that Spurs do have a potentially bright future. Modric and Spurs need to come to an agreement over the sort of fee that would be acceptable for him to be able to discuss terms, and only then will he get his move. Tottenham also need to be aware that if they do not perform well this season then Modric will go next year; and for less money.

Josh Giles



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