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The Golden Oldies

So you may remember my last blog about meeting your heroes and that I was going to be playing in a charity match against some old SUFC legends soon. Well it happened last Sunday and it’s only taken until now for my legs to start working properly again. After a few nights of ‘jogging’ around the streets where I live to improve my stamina (or to actually get some) the big day arrived.

SUFC provided last seasons red away kit for us supporter’s team and thankfully it had been washed. Whilst changing, the legend that was David Crown popped his head around the door to make sure we all agreed on the rolling subs rule and to tell us that a couple of Legends had let us down. This came as a bit of a blow to some of us, but to others it meant we may actually have a chance.

Southend’s youth team manager Ricky Duncan was our gaffer and he led us through some basic warm-ups, sorted out positions and corner & free kick takers. Yeah, like we would get far enough up the pitch to win a corner!

Fast forward to the end of the match and we were lucky to get nil. The Legends were of various ages and in various states of fitness, however you could still see the old magic. Their legs (and bellies) may have restricted their movement but the brain was still three steps ahead of everybody else. The vision and touch was still there, and the way they sprayed the ball around the pitch whilst hardly breaking a sweat was both admiring and frustrating. I suppose it’s like riding a bike – once you learn you never forget.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I could barely walk for 3 days afterwards. After one particularly knackering dash up the wing from my right back position I got a ‘well done’ from Ricky Duncan. Blimey, if only I was 20 years younger I may have fancied my chances of getting in the Shrimper’s youth team.

Last Saturday saw the start of the football League season and in League Two the mighty Shrimpers beat Hereford 1 nil at home. Although a nice win to start the campaign off, we should have won more convincingly. On the way out of the ground I chatted to a mate about the wasted chances, the lack of movement and creativity in certain areas, and the tempo of some of the players.

After playing in Sunday’s match I recommend that the current SUFC squad come and take a look at some of these golden oldies. They still had some tricks up their sleeve and proved they deserved the Legends tag.

As David Crown whispered to me after turning on a sixpence and burying the ball in the net for goal number 7 – you never lose it son.

Lee Morgan @LeeM_007

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