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Splash the Cash Arsene – Or Give It To Us!

So the ‘Fabregas Saga’ has finally and boringly come to a close ( although the Nasri one may still rumble on longer ), Eboue has gone and Arsene Wenger has now amassed a pretty impressive war chest to spend on new signings. And after a dismal home defeat to Liverpool, and yet another red card, he may have to splash the cash quicker than he anticipated to bolster his suspension hit squad.

You could argue that his current squad is more than capable of holding their own in the Premier League and, if they showed a bit more discipline and self-control, could easily achieve a top four finish. There are the doubters, of course, who want him to spend spend spend like it’s going out of fashion – but hey we’re only two games into the new season. Unless you’re in the football league such as my team, Southend United.

We’re 3 games in, with one win to our name, and suddenly players are dropping like flies. 3 injured after 3 games. With stats like that it’ll be interesting to see how many fit and able bodies we’ll have after 11 games. Maybe I’ll bring my boots that week, just in case.

With an away game at the mighty Port Vale coming up on Saturday, with two defeats still fresh in the memory, and I imagine a serious bollocking from Paul Sturrock still ringing in their ears, I can only make a wild assumption that some of the guys won’t really fancy it and cynically state that maybe a few ‘injuries’ may appear after training this week.

If that happens, what with a relatively small squad and some serious budget issues (we don’t have one) we’ll probably resort to playing our big nutcase centre half up front and our midfielders as full-backs. It’s been done before.

So Mr. Wenger, if you aren’t prepared to spend any dosh at the Emirates just yet then how about sending some down our way? You know where we are. Little seaside town in Essex. You loaned us Adrian Clarke back in the 90s and Nicky Nicolau in the Noughties, remember?

We’re not greedy, couple of million should do us nicely.

Please, Arsene…………mate?

Lee Morgan @LeeM_007

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