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Ameobi’s latest recruit

The last name of Ameobi may not be a Hollywood headline that is spotted in the limelight of the football world but its family name stand proud of their achievements, with three brothers on the football stage. Okay two Ameobi’s that we have actually heard of and that are representing their names on the back of premier league shirts. The youngest of the three brothers has recently stormed onto the stage with a whirlwind impact in Newcastle’s 2-1 victory over Scunthorpe in the Carling Cup.

But I start my story with Tommi Ameobi who is currently contracted to Icelandic club BvBolungarvic. Sorry to say Tom but I am very unaware of the clubs stature, and unsure if they can even afford the lettering on the classic Bolungarvic jersey. And for those keen Icelandic followers I am sorry, but my reversible argument is well backed up, Tommi’s full name is Oluwatomiwo.

Moving up in terms of age, next on the Liam Curtis list of totally amazing footballers is Shola Ameobi. The big, strong, passionate and devoted footballer has slowly won the hearts of footballers at Newcastle and it’s only took him 10 years. The forward has never had a menacing goal ratio but his determination to fight for his place has earned him respect amongst the Toon faithful and I believe to be a worthy premiership striker.

The description of Shola simultaneously leads onto 19 year old Sammy Ameobi, as he is the complete polar opposite in physical appearance. His legs dangle like runner beans and his sprinting technique looks like that of an overgrown turkey on a caffeine overdose. Yet like the young Shola, Sammy Ameobi has talent. On Thursday night he was thrown on for the lack lustre Demba Ba and scored his first competitive goal 20minutes later, and what a goal it was.

His introduction needed know more enthusiasm to the Geordie fans who in sarcasm to Shola’s goal scoring record have developed the chant; ‘If Sammy scores were on the pitch’. Which trying to look at from a mature, no sense of humour or fun loving, football banter manor; resulted in an appalling 10minute delay at Darlington as the ‘savage’ Newcastle fans invaded the pitch.

To Scunthorpe fans hearing that Shola Ameobi had a younger brother who could kick a ball probably came to them as a shock, a shock that had crushed there cup hopes as Sammy fired the ball into the back of the net after a darting run cutting across from the left in a remarkable first goal for the young hero.

Ameobi always looked lively since he came off the bench, quick and agile he was rallying up the left had wing as tactician Alan Pardrew. I would love to see more first team chances for the unpredictable striker who seems to have dancing ‘happy feet’ that dazzle oppositions, although at some points I think even he is unsure if he knows what he is doing.

Whilst the Ameobi’s may never reach the levels of other premiership brothers such as Phil and Gary Neville, the possibilities are there to grasp especially with the current transfer regime imposed by chairman Mike Ashley. The Ameobi partnership upfront for all of Newcastle to be proud of, 40 goals between them this year, two number 9 shirts brought in and England call ups, who knows?  Sign up Tommy Ameobi?

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