Diary Of A Sky Sports Soccer Saturday Reporter

I love my stats – all reporters love their stats. And Huddersfield vs Wycombe was packed full of fascinating ones.

Huddersfield hadn’t lost a domestic league game this year are unbeaten at home in all comps since Boxing Day (I was there!), while Wycombe have also been on a great run of results.

But some stats only really come to a reporter’s attention as it happens on the pitch, and this was one of those occasions.

After a forgettable 55 minutes, home boss Lee Clark made a double substitution as he brought on Gary Robert and Alan Lee. And it was the latter, who provided the interest. Firstly, he netted the opening goal within 40 seconds and then doubled the lead 13 minutes later.

A quick glance at my research and I spotted that Lee was making his first league appearance, so I blurted out live on Sky what a great home league debut it was. And then seconds later, another glance at my notes revealed how he’d actually played 20-odd games last season for the club. What do they say, there are lies, damn lies…. and (my) statistics!!!

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