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North London in mourning

Welcome to the emergency edition of The Green Room.

I’ve called this an emergency edition, not because my other half is about to go into labour, or leave me. Or because my cat is stuck in a tree. I’ve used the word “emergency”  because I’ve witnessed two yesterday. One took place in Salford, and the other in the North London borough of Haringey.

First was the absolute slaughter of Arsenal. To say I was shocked was an understatement and I’m no Gooner. The 8-2 thrashing of Arsenal was very telling. The 2-5 drubbing if Tottenham even more so. A quick glance of the Premier league table shows Manchester Utd occupying first spot, Manchester City in second and Liverpool and Chelsea occupying third and fourth respectively. The top two have a combined goal difference of 19.

Arsenal and Tottenham, our two emergency cases languish in seventeenth and rock bottom twentieth respectively with a combined goal difference of –15. Is there a lesson to learn here? Basically it’s that in the modern game of football, you get what you pay for. The reason for the derisory showings of Arsenal and Tottenham is due to their inertia in this close season’s transfer market.

Both Arsene Wenger and Harry Redknapp have been left severely lagging behind this year whilst the likes of Liverpool, Manchester Utd. and Manchester City have spent money and brought in quality players to improve their squads. There’s a good chance that the table as it is now, is the way it’s going to end come May. Give or take some swapping of positions and the odd appearance from the three or four teams below them.

I have always been a admirer of both Wenger and Redknapp. Their ability to spot potential is beyond question. What is in question is their ability to understand that at the top of the tree, potential doesn’t get you very far. To quote an old adage “The table doesn’t lie” and for Messrs Wenger and Redknapp, the truth does hurt. For both, I feel it’s time to consider their positions.

Wenger is not short of cash. Far from it. Yet he’s watched his prized possessions Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri leave. Not exactly without warning. Even Elvis probably read it in the papers! The best he’s done is offer a few lousy quid for Gary Cahill. Redknapp on the other hand is about to buy Scott Parker. Too little too late I fear. Daniel Levy must also be held to book for not pushing to bring more bodies in to strengthen their squad. Instead Tottenham have focussed on retaining Luka Modric. It would have made more sense to sell him to Chelsea for £30m and buy two quality replacements. Liverpool and Fernando Torres? Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll? OK, maybe you could doubt the last name but you get my drift.

For me, Arsenal only have pride to play for. Yes, it’s early doors you may say but in reality it’s near on impossible for Arsenal to make up the required ground. The way the top four are playing at the moment this will be a very, very big ask. As for Tottenham, they’re playing for safety and to stay in the top flight. The owners of two these two clubs need to ask themselves a question each. Stan Kroenke: Should I keep Wenger? Daniel Levy: Should I keep Tottenham Hotspurs and Harry Redknapp?

Ben Green @Mrbengreen

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