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Arsenal’s own Mr.T

A Mohawk hair style, the posture of a giant wilder beast and standing at an intimidating 5ft”10; Emmanuel Frimpong could easily win a Mr.T lookalike competition. On a more serious football note, he is exactly what Arsenal need. Some Nuts. As described on the Arsenal website, Frimpong ‘has the physique to flourish and has impressed in Arsenal’s engine room’. Quite simply, this kid is scary.

Frimpong is only 19 years of age yet is the build of a cross bread between a tank and a great white shark. I first saw Frimpong come on as a sub for in Arsenals open day Premiership fixture against Newcastle. He changed from his vest into the number 26 shirt and I was left staring down my top thinking, hold on what has happened here I’m 19 too. I have never seen a more athletic footballer. And Didier Drogba likes to rip that shirt off when scoring.

He looks finely tuned to develop into the perfect defensive midfielder machine combing the skills of strength, stamina, speed and determination. Undoubtedly Frimpong would be a startling opposition to face on the football pitch solely down to his physical attributes, shadowing the once in form Michael Essien.

Frimpong has also been showing maturing senses of creativity and composure and of course the needed passing qualities to be recognised by Arsene Wenger. This brings me to the backboneless physical drip of Arsenal. In the last decade Arsenal have suffered constant criticism directed at their lack of strength within the team, out muscled in vital moments, easily disposed and pushed off the ball. Frimpong and Arsenal are a perfect match.

I can’t ramble on the potential of young Frimpong however without commenting on his performances as we are a few games into the start of the season. Since making his substitute appearance on the premierships first day he also made a second half appearance against Udinsese in the UEFA Champions League. It was up to this point that I heard commentators worshiping Frimpong as near faultless with superb performances in both games, deservedly he then went on to start the big fixture between Arsenal and Liverpool. He was sent off on the 69th minute for a terribly wreck less challenge on Lucas.

Of course pre match build up hand speculated on the temper of the passionate youngster, with strong challenges an easily viewable characteristic in his football attire. Some believe that at the tender age of 19 the premiership is a harsh reality for those who are not mature enough to control their tempers on and off the field. There is no doubt that aggression is a key theme in Frimpong’s game but this needs tailoring if he is to break into the first team on a regular basis this season. Then again Patrick Viera was no saint.

Especially with the recent editions on Benayoun and Arteta brought in to bolster the midfield. I believe Arsenal and Emmauel Frimpong are a blossoming relationship partnered to flourish and I hope he is not driven back to the bench and reserves. Practice makes perfect and with regular football this 19 year old can become Arsenals solidity in the centre midfield, supplying endless cover and hard hitting tackles to finally awaken the gooners and put them back in contention for a top four spot.

Liam Curtis

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