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The Football Quiz Challenge

What type of quizzer are you? Do you sit drunk and clueless in the corner? Or are you halfway to Nerdsville with a tank top on and a smart-arse smile? Can you admit to watching Eggheads – even if only in a moment of weakness? No matter which category you fall into – try our pub quiz and prove to yourself that the years of watching and talking about footy have not been a complete waste of time. But please try not to cheat, for as my headmaster used to say “You’re only cheating on yourself”, which ironically is not what his wife said to him, when she caught him in congress with his secretary.

  1. From which club did Leeds buy Johnny Giles, converting him from a winger into a midfield general?
  2. Which Newcastle and, even more famously, Sunderland legend of the post-war years was known as “The Clown Price”?
  3. Bradley Wright-Philips followed brother Shaun down South to which 2nd-flight club in 2006?
  4. Which club did Ronnie Moore manage from 1997 to 2004, taking them on a rare excursion into the 2nd tier of the league?
  5. Which England international scored a hatrick on his debut for Swansea as they beat Leeds 5-1 in their first game back in the top flight in 1981?
  6. What was the old, more familiar name of Bournemouth’s Fitness First Stadium?
  7. Which divine- sounding forward had a nightmare in the Premiership with Everton, but was a consistent scorer in 2 spells at Stockport County?
  8. Which former Welsh international took over as Wrexham manager in 1989 and stayed for 12 years?
  9. Which international of the post-war years remains Middlesbrough’s most capped player for England?
  10. Who was top scorer in the top flight in 1978-79, even thought his Bolton side finished in the bottom 6?

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