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Happy Sunday and welcome to this week’s edition of The Green Room where we discuss all things Liverpool, The Premiership and the game of footy in general.

Surprisingly for me, I don’t have that much to say this week. I guess the old thing about “You only sing when you’re winning” doesn’t really apply to me. I only pipe up when Liverpool are playing rubbish or when there’s been some enormous upset. So, you may ask, you got three points yesterday and got through to the next round of the Carling Cup so why are you bothering us?

Well, yes it’s been a good week for Liverpool, and they’ve edged a little higher up the Premiership table and they’ve put their recent dismal run behind them and I should be lording the return of Captain Fantastic Steven Gerrard and Craig Bellamy’s first goal for the club following his return.

That’s all well and good, but to be honest, I’m not convinced. Let’s face it, Liverpool couldn’t even keep a clean sheet against Brighton so let’s not get carried away by their current run of “form”. That said, the results count and they are advancing nonetheless. Today Liverpool were very fortunate. OK, one or two decisions have gone against us recently, but I don’t think Lady Luck is going to take us as far as some good solid performances.

I don’t think Kenny Dalglish is using the squad he has at his disposal to it’s full potential. Why? Because, he persists in playing Andy Carroll. I’m beginning to think that the more money a player costs, the more games he’s going to get. Liverpool paid nothing for Craig Bellamy and he’s only played one full game. And scored I should add. Liverpool paid a King’s ransom for Carroll and he’s played in most games, scoring a grand total of zero in the league, one in the cup and a couple in pre-season.

Considering those stats, you’d think Dalglish would give Bellamy a run of games. The guy has hunger, skill, pace and, for me, the right attitude. Surely he’s got more to offer than simply playing in the cup against lowly opposition. If Liverpool progress, I’d like to see Bellamy remain in the team but he should be worth a go in the league, surely.

All that said, and moaning out of the way, I’ve got to be satisfied with this week’s results and the points on the board are welcome. I won’t be getting carried away that’s for sure. The next two games are against Everton away and Manchester United at home. I’d love to think we could get six points from those two but I won’t be holding my breath.

Away from that, it’s been a very interesting week in the Premiership. Having seen Stoke’s result against Manchester United, I’m beginning not to feel so despondent about Liverpool’s result. Stoke are turning out to be a very capable side and any manager that can get Peter Crouch to score with a header has to be worth a mention. Well done, Tony Pulis.

Elsewhere. Fernando Torres showed why Kenny Dalglish made the sale of the century in getting £50m from Chelsea for him.  The Spaniard topping a quality finish to put Chelsea ahead with the daftest of challenges to get hi self sent off. Oh dear. He’s not having the best of luck (there’s that word again) at the moment.

Newcastle’s run continues with a home win against a Blackburn side who are looking worse and worse every week.  Steve Keen looks a length or two ahead in the sack race for this season.  I can’t see Blackburn’s luck changing for now.

Arsenal were the biggest climbers with their 3-0 victory over Bolton. Now upto the lofty position of 12th. No surprises there, even the fact that Theo Walcott’s finishing is so poor. I have to ask this question: What’s going on with Gervinho’s hair? A good win for Arsenal, and the beleaguered Arsene Wenger won’t be needing the sleeping tablets this week.

Looking forward to this afternoon, I think Neil Warnock’s resurgent QPR side will have too much for Aston Villa, but it’s by no means a dead cert. Potentially a cracking game for the neutral like myself… Come on the Hoops!

 Ben Green

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