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Tyger Paw – it’s grrreat

Are you sick of scrubbing your football boots with an old toothbrush? How long do you spend picking mud off the bottom of them after match day? Well thanks to the ‘Tyger Paw’, the worst part about playing the beautiful game has just got a lot easier.

From Sunday League to Premier League, a footballer’s most important tool is undoubtedly his boots. Finding the perfect pair with the right fit, stud type, comfort and weight to suit your game can be a challenge. But appearance, which is fast becoming more important than performance in this modern era, is a totally different challenge. It’s hard to imagine that there was once a time when the only boots available were plain black, as it’s now possible to wear any colour of the rainbow on your feet and personalise them however you like, for a price of course. This is why football boot production has grown into a multi-million pound industry in recent years, and a good pair could now potentially cost you over £100. So once you have paid through the nose for your perfect boots, surely you would want to keep them in good condition and looking like new? The ‘Tyger Paw’ can do just that.

The ‘Tyger Paw’ is the very first purpose made brush for football boots and other studded footwear. With its very simple design, you can make easy work of cleaning and removing ingrained dirt, grass and mud from the bottom of your boots. This is down to the specifically designed soft rubber bristles, which will not damage leather or synthetics, unlike other brushes. The varying lengths and sizes of the bristles are really effective in cleaning difficult areas of the boot and getting into the soleplate. This is the standout feature of the product as you don’t get this with any other brush and it does make a big difference when cleaning.

The actual Paw is really strong and fits comfortably on your hand. The smooth shape means you can get a strong grip of the brush which is useful as it gives you a lot of control and allows more pressure to be applied to specific areas that need it. The brush is completely waterproof and I have noticed it works best under some running water.

Nobody likes cleaning their boots and unlike the professional’s we don’t have someone to do it for us, we just have to get on with it. It’s not helped by the boggy pitches and bad weather us footballers have to endure, but just a few minutes of scrubbing after every training session and match will go a long way in prolonging the life of your prized possessions.

This product isn’t just effective for cleaning football boots; it works on all types of footwear such as trainers, running shoes and hiking boots. I’m even sure that our egg-chasing equivalents can get some use out of it!

I can see the ‘Tyger Paw’ in boot bags and kit rooms up and down the country, and rightly so as it is a very useful tool to have.

If you own a pair of football boots, you definitely need to own one of these too.

Tom Etherington @tom_etherington

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