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Tevez’s Costly Mistake

There is no doubt about it. After Tuesday night’s display of arrogance, the Carlos Tevez saga at Manchester City Football Club is finally over, and I am as relieved as I was after the end of the release of the Twilight Saga novels.

After refusing to play against Bayern Munich, Tevez released a statement to the press that it was a simple misunderstanding and he did not refuse to play. This gets my creative juices flowing – what kind of “misunderstanding” could mean that a footballer paid in excess of £250,000 every week cannot do what he is supposed to love and be good at? Surely, there must be a concrete reason to justify his reason for not coming off the bench and playing for his football club? If I refused to turn up to lectures at university, I can guarantee that I would not be forgiven for claiming that there was a “misunderstanding.”

Another thing I wonder about – In a press release, Tevez stated that it was “not the time to discuss the reasons why [he didn’t play].” Through my interpretation of the English language, if there has been a “misunderstanding,” then Tevez shouldn’t need “reasons.” It makes me suspicious that he refuses to discuss the reasoning behind not playing. If he really did “do his all on the pitch” as he insists, then why did he refuse to go on the pitch and play the game?

Just to top off the lovely image created this week by the international “superstar:” today he has refused to apologise to the Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini, claiming that he has nothing to be sorry for. This is what angers me about some footballers today. I’m not stereotyping  all footballers here, most are good sportsmen and do their all for their clubs. However, the small minority, Carlos Tevez not the least guilty, become ever more arrogant as their bank balance increases. The old arguments once again arise – should caps be put on wages? Should there be a limit to what a club can spend on a player? It is my opinion there is far too much money in football, and the magic that it once had is eroding because of the modern day desire for financial superiority.

Tevez’s arrogance has not only damaged his career – after arriving at Manchester Airport, Greater Manchester Police had reason to believe the player’s personal security could be at risk because of some comments left online by City fans, and so dispatched 3 vehicles of officers to protect him. With their budget already stretched beyond reason as a result of government cuts, it seems ridiculous that sparse resources are being squandered on protecting an athlete who has triggered his own demise. Mr Tevez can argue and assert that it was nothing more than a “misunderstanding,” but the fact remains that he is paid to play football, and should therefore play it. If I was paid the same amount he is, then I would be on that pitch quicker than you can see “my career is over.”

Craig Butler



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