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Respect the shirt, fans and your contract

It seems that the negative stereotypical view of modern day footballers is again in the media spotlight. As we have all read lately it seems to be largely circled around Carlos Tevez. Although what he did in Munich was unforgiveable, he isn’t alone.

Stan Collymore and Paul Scholes in the past regrettably refused to play for their clubs and were both fined two weeks wages.

It was only last weekend Adel Taarabt of QPR was substituted at half time and stormed out of the ground in the heavy 6-0 defeat to Fulham.

It seems increasingly common for player and coaches to be involved in so called ‘bust ups’, is there a reason for this? Who knows?

It is the same in all industries of employment in today’s society, there will be a time when you will have a disagreement with your boss no doubt about that, but what makes it different for footballers is being in the media spotlight for a large majority of their working day.

A disagreement in front of a TV audience and a crowd isn’t the best way to keep your image as a professional and as a person intact. What Tevez did in Munich and what Taarabt did at half time at Craven Cottage didn’t just dent their image as a role model but they also ruined their trust with the fans of the club they play for.

Being a supporter of a premier league club, Liverpool FC (cue a load of boos and laughs) it is quite expensive to follow your team, home and away not alone abroad in European competitions (looks I will be saying a bit of money this year. No need to book any planes to European matches).

To see one of the player’s you support refuse to play or walk away from the squad during a match, for me is unforgiveable and downright shameful.

Most of the British public earn only half or even a quarter a footballer earns, they also have to support a family, pay the bills and put food on the table. Fans don’t need to see members of their team acting like spoilt brats because they aren’t playing or results are going their way. Faithful fans support them through the bad times and the good times.

As a youngster I, like thousands across the country only dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. It was the career I was going to work in. I remember my first trial at my local professional club Lincoln City FC and thinking if I get in I could be playing a Sport I love and get paid for it. It would be a dream come true.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the grade. Those who are fortunate to play professional football for club and country need to realise how lucky and successful they will turn out to be.

For me not enough premiership footballers respect that and at times take it for granted.

Don’t get me wrong Taarabt and Tevez are fantastic footballers and it isn’t just them and they won’t be the last players to act in this way, but I do feel footballers need to really think about the people they represent when they pull their team’s shirt on, they need to realise how fortunate they are to be working in such a financial power house of an industry.    

Daniel Clark @ClarkyD92



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