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Liverpool aim to break Premier League equilibrium

Premier league rivals have moved to distance themselves from Ian Arye’s proposal of a breakaway overseas deal for top clubs.

 It is believed that both Manchester United and Chelsea look for overseas sponsorship deals, to bring in revenue and as a result, have no interest it aiding Liverpool in the status quo under which the Premier League sells television rights overseas on behalf of all 20 elite clubs.

 A survey by sports+ marketing consultancy revealed that Liverpool are the fourth most popular English team on the global stage, whilst they are eleventh most popular in the world, sandwiched between both Milan clubs. Liverpool’s old foes in Manchester United have a following of 354 fans globally, while Liverpool receive just 71 million by comparison.

 The figures emerged last night after Ayre, Liverpool’s managing director, put United and Liverpool in the same bracket in terms of following and voiced a desire to break away from the rest of the Premier League when it comes to overseas deals, saying he is unsure why their international value revenue be shared, “just to be nice to smaller clubs.”

 Using Barcelona and Madrid as an example of two clubs who earn considerable overseas deals, by agreeing their own fees Ayre’s does not see why Liverpool and the premier League should be any different.

 “Is it right that the international rights are shared equally between all the clubs? Some people will say: ‘Well you’ve got to all be in it to make it happen.’ But isn’t it really about where the revenue is coming from, which is the broadcaster, and isn’t it really about who people want to watch on that channel? We know it is us. And others.

“At some point we feel there has to be some rebalance on that, because what we are actually doing is disadvantaging ourselves against other big European clubs.”

 However, little support has come from Liverpool’s Premier League rivals as all seem to be happy enough to share the revenue with ‘lesser’ Premier  League clubs.

 A spokesman for Chelsea said: “We are supportive of the Premier League on this and want to continue with the way they sell [TV rights] collectively.”

 Ayre, who believes the current deal prevents clubs from cashing in on lucrative overseas revenue has been slammed by rivals, for both timing of his decision and his attempt to break the current equilibrium that exists in the Premier League.

 Wigan chairman, Dave Whelan has so far been the most vocal and damning regarding Liverpool’s overseas proposal.

“ I have read his comments and find them Diabolic,” he told The Times.

 “I just can’t believe what he’s been saying.

 “They are thinking how can we get more money? You wont get any money by killing the heart and soul of the Premier League and killing the heart and soul of football in England.

 “we invented the game and we have got the finest league in the whole world and some of the finest supporters in the whole world, and they want to rip the whole thing up.”

 The concern of Whelan also spread to a widening in class in the Premier League, should the top four be able to negotiate an overseas fee individually.

“The worst thing for English football is for teams like Liverpool – the top four, lets say who what to get rid of virtually half the Premier League.

 “We will finish up like the Spnaish league with only two teams in it, no competition, no anything, no heart and soul in the league.

 “What we have is the finest league in the whole world and what Liverpool are calling for would wreck it.”

 Now, this may surprise you, but I totally agree with Dave Whelan – first time for everything – I believe to allow the top clubs, including Liverpool to move away from the Premier League and negotiate their own overseas deals, would ruin in the domestic league and would indeed by a ‘’diabolical’’ decision.

 Under the current deal which will expire in 2013, all 20 Premier League clubs receive an equal share of £1.4 billion in payments from overseas television deals, but Ayre, as mentioned, wants to follow the Spanish model and agree their own overseas deal.

 But, as it stands, the Premier League, is a competitive league, that has the potential of throwing up some interesting games, with some surprising results on any given Saturday.

 And whilst it would benefit Liverpool to agree their own overseas deals, not having to share the income with some ‘ lesser clubs,’ to do so would open up the gap between the top and bottom of the Premier League, something that would only prove detrimental to the domestic league.

 I did, though, find it surprising that the top clubs distanced their selves from Ayre’s proposal, but It is a correct decision, the money should be shared equally.

 If the likes of Wolves and Wigan are left to negotiate separate overseas deals, they would not be able to command a lucrative amount, anything like the one they currently receive, which would further widen the gap in the transfer window and ability to pay player wages.

 So, whilst the desire to receive more money is understandable, I hope that the Premier League stand firm and maintain a collective deal to secure the “heart and soul” of the domestic game.

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