Walcott and Gervinho (or Arshavin) in the Same Line Up ??

Arsene seems to be set on playing both Walcott and Gervinho (or Arshavin) in the same team – and it will take a great deal (or injuries)  for Le Boss to change his mind.  Two fast raiders and “ attack is the best form of defence “ (yawn) … but we don’t all like it.

For a start it is hard for RVP to hold onto possession, isolated down the middle – certainly if it’s a long ball. He is not a target man, he is a number 10 if you like. But he can’t play with another central striker because we never do that. RVP would surely be ideal in that Rooney position but Arsene has his mind dead set against 442 or 4311 or whatever.

Then we have Walcott plus Gervinho (or Arshavin, out of position, wide left) also losing the ball a lot. They are both fast, tricky, high risk players. Trying aggressive, difficult moves which frequently don’t come off – and with no clue when the oppo. are in possession. Hence  3 out of 10 outfield players often lose the ball and are a liability if not in possession !

 Look at Stoke’s goal. It was that thug Shawcross, loitering wide right. Why so unless they had something planned ?  So Gervinho – who scored one and made two and left to a standing ovation – loses him and they net it. We don’t need more than one exciting, erratic player like that.

So for those who agree we should only play one of them – plus perhaps Benayoun or etc. – who should it be ? 

Well for me the 1st one to omit is Arshavin. He was brilliant at Zenit in that roving role behind the main striker – and not much defensive responsibility. But again we never do that. He started well at Arsenal, very well.  Then had to play as lone striker for some weeks (with RVP and Chamakh both injured), Then they said he was depressed when Russia didn’t make the WC Finals (tough xxxx).  And playing wide left for the past 18 months he has been really poor – as we all know. He looks like a bloke who has to go into work to pay the rent but dislikes the job and the disagrees the company strategy.

Then it’s out of Walcott and Gervinho and I know who I would kick into touch – Theo.  Ok he is still only 22 ( I think) but he has been around several years now, has plenty of England caps and …. still plays like a chaotic choir boy who can run fast. If he must play right wing … why can’t he be learn to cross a ball ?  Why can’t he link up with a team mate when he does get in behind the defence. This will annoy some fans but I reckon Chris Waddell was right. Theo just does not possess a football brain.

Now take Gervinho  and not just because he played well on Sunday. He can beat a man … with trickery – not simply by booting the ball past his man and racing after it. He is fast, probably less so than Theo, but has more success in finding RVP – or AN. Other who has unusually strayed into their penalty area. He seems able to cross better too.

And why can’t Theo be given a go as central striker ?  Possibly because (one hears) the backroom staff fear he is not be strong enough for that role. Otherwise please send stamped and addressed postcards to M. A. Wenger. 

Chris D

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