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FIFA Folly Should Render World Cup Votes Illegal

The most recent rumblings of discontent at FIFA has seen 10 more members come under scrutiny as corruption allegations continue to pervade football’s beleaguered governing body. In this instance the monetary “gifts” as they are oxymoronically known were offered in order to influence voting in the presidential elections with Mohamed Bin Hammam and Jack Warner the alleged culprits. They have subsequently been banned for life from all football activity.

This new explosion of controversy further besets an organization that has seen its reputation irrevocably tainted since the Sunday Times reported illicit payments being made in order to persuade FIFA committee members to vote for certain World Cup bids. The recent revelations are more profound in their origin however, as they did not come to fruition due to the diligence of a national newspaper but from one of its very own committee members; American Chuck Blazer to be precise. This is internecine warfare between members, revealed by one of the few members not so pliable as to be tempted by cash.

The whole situation seems to be verging on farce as the former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner threatened to release a “tsunami” of allegations against the incumbent president Sepp Blatter once Bin Hammam’s appeal against his ban has been decided. It is not just the amount of officials implicated that is astounding but more so the flagrant nature of these dodgy dealings. If the accusations giving rise to the investigations are found to hold substance this would not only reveal a history of endemic corruption but also render the World Cup host votes baseless. 

This is not a backhanded way of giving England a second chance to clinch the World Cup in 2014, it can hardly be denounced as bitterness when there is a distinct possibility that illegal bungs were paid in order to secure votes rather than relying on the strength of the various bids themselves. Surely such questionable behaviour, prevalent and seemingly encouraged by even the most senior officials, would bring any official FIFA vote into disrepute.

This is not just about England as there were other countries such as Spain and Portugal who were equally cheated out of a chance if the rumours and revelations are indeed true. If members would lower themselves to the basest forms of political expediency in presidential elections why wouldn’t they when deciding which nation gets to host a World Cup, when there is an acute potential of bribery?

This simply can’t be ignored no matter how long the passage of time and to treat these facts with indifference is to bring harm onto the very game we adore. The revelations are a necessary evil in purging FIFA of any bad apples. Only when the scale of wrongdoing is established can FIFA begin to gradually repair its reputation – a reputation still being dragged, kicking and screaming, through as much mud as possible.

Jonothan Scollen

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