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Player Power: Are contracts worth the paper they’re written on?

Player power is a volatile thing. A growing, common stumbling block for many teams across the UK and Europe. The modern day footballer exploits the faith a club shows in them, by demanding more money and threatening employers by claiming that they yearn to move clubs.

Clubs may often batten down the hatches and give in to players demands, particularly, as in the common football climate, money talks.

This begs the question, are contracts becoming a mere requirement?

In May 2009, Fernando Torres signed a contract extension to keep him at Liverpool Football Club until ‘at least’ 2013. In contrast, January 2011 saw Torres join Chelsea in a British record £50million transfer, signing a five and a half year contract.

April 2007 saw Cristiano Ronaldo ‘end’ speculation of his rumoured transfer after pledging to a new five year deal at Manchester United. However, June 2009 saw United accept a world record fee of £80million, when Ronaldo expressed his desire to swap dear old Manchester for sunny Spain.

Allowing a prized asset to move clubs may be the only option, as the modern day wage structure has now more than breached the £200,000 per week mark.

The recent Carlos Tevez affair led me to think, where has all the loyalty and commitment gone from football? What was once an incredible, passionate, pride driven game, is now threatening to change all the values it once stood for.

This issue of player power and contract demands lead straight into the subject of footballs financial crisis.

Clubs such as Plymouth Argyle, Southampton, Portsmouth and Leeds are a mere few on a long list of teams who have suffered financial plights and in turn undergone administration leading to relegation.

It is surely a matter of time before a premier league or ‘big’ club is to succumb to similar situations, especially at the rate clubs are pouring money into players and their salaries.

Personally I believe higher intervention would be necessary to prevent a financial crisis from escalating out of control.

Many clubs operate at a loss as it is and despite financial fair play rules introduced by UEFA; I for one would welcome and be encouraged to see a FIFA wage cap system implemented around the globe.

Any such move would surely benefit the game. It would mean increased competition, as clubs wouldn’t be able to better rival monetary offers meaning talent would ultimately shine through.

Another positive would, of course, be the lowered outgoings on a clubs cash flow, decreasing the opportunity for clubs to fall into economic turmoil.

One thing is certain, modern day football has been ‘graced’ with large sums of money and the industry is threatening to spiral out of control. A move by governing bodies to take drastic steps in financial revival seems some way off the cards at this point in time, however it appears measures will surely have to be made in the future.

Harry Hunt @HarryHunt92

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