If don’t play for a Spanish club, you can’t start for the national side?

This international break for England hasn’t anything riding on it, but the side along, with some new faces will be given a huge test on Saturday at home to World and European champions Spain.

However focusing attention away from England and all that can be said about them I am looking to focus on the away team travelling to Wembley this weekend.

Obviously Spain don’t need an introduction as to how good a football they play or how many world class players are in the squad. Like England the Spain squad travelling to Wembley may not consist of all the regular superstars they have, but no doubt it will still be a strong team.

A debate I was having the other day with some other football fans was the fact that in recent competitive fixtures Spain are able to leave the likes of David Silva, Juan Mata, Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina on the bench. As we all discussed what groups these four Spaniards together… they all play for a Premiership team.

It seems that in today’s society and especially in Spain they are looking to field a team moulded together by strong chemistry in that Vincente del Bosque prefers the likes of Iniesta, Xavi, Pedro and David Villa in the starting 11 for Spain as they all play for the same team.

 I do not doubt the fact that they deserve their place as they are world class players but the Spanish national side regularly consists of Real Madrid and Barcelona players.  The four Spanish Premiership players are therefore having to stick to a place on the bench.

Personally I do feel that some of these players deserve a place in the starting 11 for Spain. Take David Silva for example, he for me has been the best player in the Premiership this year and I would go as far as saying he is the nearest player to a ‘Spanish Messi’. He has been vital for Man City this year, and if someone was to ask, is he better than say Pedro when starting for Spain I would probably say… yes!

Another player who has moved to England from La Liga who has done exceptionally well is Juan Mata. He has been a crucial player for Chelsea and is turning into a tricky little play maker.

Mata has found it hard to break into the national side with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets forming a formidable midfield three and on occasions Fabregas, again who all play for the same club and therefore form a massive understanding together.

However I believe that further up the pitch supporting David Villa, Mata deserves a look in as he looks as though he could create chances in attack for Spain.

At present it does seem that the Spanish national side is made of Real Madrid and Barcelona players, which as I have said isn’t incorrect as the players from both clubs have been exceptional so far this year.

But I do feel that a couple of the Spanish players playing in the Premiership have been as good as or even better than some of the players who are currently in the starting squad and I feel that especially David Silva and Juan Mata the two of them deserve a starting role.

Daniel Clarke

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