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Three Lions Have a Chance…..Maybe

I have been the first person over the years to write off England’s chances of any success over the past decade. Largely because I don’t feel we have had enough talent and recently because of an aging squad, but maybe times are changing and we are eventually going to get a national side who can compete, who can go further than the quarter finals in major tournaments and who can actually play attractive football.

I know we beat Spain in a friendly and some people will be saying everyone is getting carried away, but having watched the game and having watched some of the new talent coming through the England ranks this season I can’t help but feel the tide is changing a little. 

For one we saw Phil Jones at the age of 19 play against probably the best midfielders in the world and he didn’t look out placed, he battled hard, passed the ball well and attacked where possible. We saw Jack Rodwell come on and look accomplished, wasn’t afraid to burst forward, Danny Welbeck was also brought on and you could see his tireless running causing the Spain defenders problems.

It isn’t just these three players either. Jack Wilshere who is a first team regular at Arsenal is set to come back after the new year, his talent is clear for everyone to see. Tom Cleverley who has also broke into the Man United first team will be available come summer, his fellow team mate Chris Smalling who had a brilliant debut year at Man United and is playing week in week out for Premier League champions this season. Also Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge and Tottenhan’s Kyle Walker are breaking into the first team at their clubs too.

There is a lot of talent coming through for England and if these players keep getting games under their belts for their clubs there is no reason why England can’t be a threat in the upcoming European Championships.

I don’t want to let myself get carried away because it normally leads into huge disappointed come the big tournament but I just can’t help myself getting a little excited for the prospects of the England national team. Time will only tell! 

Sam Cox @Sam_JCox

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