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Theo, Theo, Theo

After a disappointing display by Theo Walcott at Wembley on Saturday, Walcott has been under some spotlight. At only 21 he has already been to a world cup, scored an international and club level hat trick, helped his side beat Barcelona, released a book and played at the top level of European football for the last 4 years. But is that all about to change?

 Lots of talk over the past month about a possible move away from the Emirates for Theo Walcott, Juventus have  been one of the clubs noted to be interested. Should the media, fans and neutrals lay off Walcott for a bit and just let him play football after all he has just finished his most productive season in English football after his 13 goals and 9 assists in 38 games for Arsenal last season. He arrived as a 16 year old from Southampton filled with bags of potential, granted that potential hasn’t been reached yet but he still is only 21 years of age.

When he turns up he will have a great game, it’s just sometimes we don’t always see the on form Theo we all crave to see. Away at Stamford Bridge was where we saw him play impeccable and score Arsenal’s goal of the month for October, so should we lay off him for a bit? If Theo brings his A game, no one can match him, bags of pace, skill and can finish.

Lots of questions over his position have sprung onto the net of recent, should he be played centrally or out on the right flank, he is a small man, fast yes, but small, I think Wenger is just scared of him getting battered and bruised and whilst Andre Santos is delivering into the box, we’ll see Theo trying to out jump a 6 foot central defender. That’s not what we want, at the moment Theo is in the right place to be on that plane for the Euro’s, but will his standards continue to fall or will he start to pick up knowing he might not be in that squad flying out to Poland and Ukraine.

Jordan Lovesey

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