Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad!

Liverpool FC. One of the most decorated clubs in the history of football. Even in recent history they’ve always been “there or there abouts” in most of the games top competitions.

This season despite all of the hype surrounding their close season signings, they still appear to be falling short. Luis Suarez, for all his hefty price tag, nifty footwork and healthy work rate is still not finding the net as often as the fans would like. Andy Carroll, even bigger price tag and even more cause for concern.

One look at the stats for this season will confirm the reason for this. You see, the strikers at Liverpool are simply poor finishers. That’s where the wheels are falling off for Liverpool right now. The so-called strikers can’t hit a barn door!

Sky sports have used the statistical egg-heads at Opta to provide some very interesting information. Liverpool have the leagues top shooter in Suarez with a whopping 43 goal attempts. They also boast the leagues top tackler in Lucas Leiva who has made a crunching 56 interventions with 75% success – another topic for another day.

However, a closer look at the attacking stats reveals the true problem. Manchester City are the only Premiership side that has made more goal attempts than Liverpool (181 to 149). Yet they occupy top spot and the Reds languish in sixth place. The killer blow is in the accuracy. Man City can brag 46% of all shots on target. Liverpool’s Is 39%. On a par with Sunderland, and look where they are in the table. This is something that Kenny Dalglish has to address.

After seeing these figures, I’m beginning to think that splashing the mooted £35mln on David Villa from Barcelona may not be such a bad idea after all. Liverpool need to score more goals and the current return is clearly not good enough.

This weekend Liverpool travel to Stamford Bridge looking for a crucial three points to keep their European football target alive and there has not been a more important time for the Reds to start scoring than now. Dalglish is aware of this and told the club’s official site “If they had converted a slightly higher percentage of their chances they’d be flying higher up the league”. No shock there Sherlock, and if this run of below par finishing continues, I’m sure Dalglish will ring the changes come January.

Ultimately the law of all things good and right says that for all the scoring chances Liverpool create, they will start to fly in soon as Dalglish also pointed out. “Eventually they will do it and somebody is going to get battered one day”

What better day than this Sunday at Stamford Bridge.

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