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So Where Are All the Wenger Haters Now?

It was not too long ago when certain sections of Arsenal’s fan base were calling for the most successful manager in Arsenal history to either resign from his post or to be fired. “In Wenger We Trust” was quickly being replaced in blogs across the internet to “In Wenger We Rust”. How fickle some fans can be.

Although I have criticised Arsene for the mistakes in the past I never felt that the answer to our problems was to have him removed. The issues within our club are a lot deeper than our manager and the youth policy that he so stubbornly stuck to despite the many warnings that it was not working. It was not Arsene’s fault that we had no money to spend for long period of time after our new stadium was built. Nor was it his fault that our board of directors gave him almost complete control of the way the club was run. When David Dein was ruthlessly kicked out of Arsenal there was a 2 year period where Arsene had to combine David’s previous job with his own. Even now there still seems to be a lack of personnel who Arsene can turn to for genuine advice; someone who can take the pressure away from Arsene when it comes to negotiating transfers and contract extensions. On the pitch I still think that the coaching staff consists of too many “Yes” men. I strongly believe that when Pat Rice retires in the summer and a new assistant coach is hired it will reinvigorate Arsene and bring a much needed freshness to the squad as well bring a new dimension and ideas. After all it is not a coincidence that Sir Alex Ferguson’s talks very positively about bringing in new assistant coaches. He has had 5 in the last 15 years whereas Arsene has only had Pat Rice.

Nevertheless the key issues are starting to be addressed. Ivan Gazides seems to be taking a more active role within Arsenal. We are currently the most financially secure club on the planet with consistent profits and with cash available to spend without the need of a sugar daddy. Most importantly Arsene has finally realised that his youth project has failed and went out and purchased experienced players over the summer. Now it seems that the squad has settled we look strong defensively and more importantly we are winning games. Yesterday’s win over Norwich was our fifth in a row in the premiership and our record now stands at 10 wins from 12 in all competitions. This impressive set of results is a far cry from our disastrous start to the season – but is really surprised? It was always going to take time for our squad to settle and although the players should have been brought in earlier – the past is in the past and we should only focus on the future.

In my opinion it was inevitable that Arsene would turn it around. We now have a team that genuinely loves playing for the shirt. Just compare that to what is happening with Tevez at Manchester City? However there is still a long way to go in the season and nothing is ever won (or lost) in November. I just hope that Arsene builds on the momentum that we currently have and buy at least 2 more world class players in January. We still desperately lack another striker to take the burden from RVP and our central midfield still lacks some genuine creativity to replace what we lost with Fabregas. Lets just hope that Arsene really has learnt from his past mistakes!

More importantly we should all pray that nothing happens to the greatest goal scorer in Europe right now RVP! IN ARSENE WE TRUST!

Nicholas Charles @TNCharles

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