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The Exodus

In recent news, reports have spread that Niko Anelka’s time is coming to an end at Chelsea FC. Is this true? Do we want it to be true?

Lets take a look at just what the Frenchman has done for us during his four year’s so far at the club. Joining from fellow premier leaguer’s Bolton FC, for a reported 15 Million English pounds and having already played for Manchester City, local rivals Arsenal FC and a loan stint at Liverpool FC, Niko isn’t a stranger to the English game.

During his 14 years in the game, Anelka had acquired a reputation as a bit of a ‘moaner’ and often moved clubs due to unrest and dismay in the ranks, until the later years of his career, upon joining Bolton from Turkish outfit Fenerbache, in which his immature attitude seemed to dim down, and once he had returned to England, not only did a formidable goal scorer return, but a more mature, calm, level head came along for the ride too.

His four years in the royal blue jersey have seen him score vital goals, as well as miss some crucial chances, recalling back to the 2008 Champions League Final against rivals Manchester united, the pivotal penalty miss. But with time came redemption, and 59 goals and four year’s later, Anelka is considered one of Chelsea’s most accomplished goalscorers. So why are we allowing him to leave?!?!?!

AVB’s plans obviously need time to complete and flourish into the finished product, but with talk of an exodus of players, including Drogba, Mikel and fringe players such as Ferreira and Kalou, why on earth do we need to shift such a talismatic figure. Drogba has been invincible for Chelsea, no doubt, but he isn’t the same player, as for players such as Kalou, Mikel and Ferriera, the only player I’d like to see stay would be kalou, but, with Sturridge and Torres, and the up coming of Lukaku, I can’t see his place being guaranteed.

One things for sure, Anelka’s departure would be a silly one, and one we don’t need to see happen, if anyone upfront should leave to make room for a new, younger, stricter, it should be the departures of Kalou and Blues’ legend Drogba.

What do you think? Is it wise to get rid of Anelka over Drogba, or should both go?

Only time will tell …

Warwick Tuatara

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