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Is Beckham value for money?

It looks like David Beckham might be on the move to France. Paris Saint Germain, France’s richest club after their takeover by Qatar Sports Investment (QSI), are said to have offered the superstar an 18 month contract worth a reported £11.6m.

But is Beckham, at 36 years old, a worthwhile investment?

What he may lack in footballing ability he certainly makes up for with his experience at the top level of the game, and obvious marketing capabilities.

His five year contract with LA Galaxy was certainly a huge outlay for the club, and a return of one MLS Cup does not represent value of money in the sense of footballing achievement.

However, brand Beckham has definitely pushed ‘soccer’ to the forefront of the US public’s mind. Other dominant US sports such as baseball, basketball and American football still hold sway in the overall scheme of things but Beckham, and the huge levels of publicity he provides, has undoubtedly raised awareness of the sport.

His superstar status as a celebrity who has transcended football may be seen by some as the sole reason PSG’s new owners, and sporting director Leonardo want to sign him.

QSI laid down a marker in the summer with the signing of Argentina playmaker, Javier Pastore, which demonstrated the serious financial muscle behind the club.

What Beckham would bring is worldwide attention. The aura that surrounds him is not something that can be easily found with other footballers.

He could enable PSG to tap into the lucrative Asian market, with potentially huge sponsorship deals and hundreds of thousands of merchandise products sold.

The purists will argue that a player should be signed based on their ability on the football pitch, and that alone.

However, times have changed. For those who can afford it, football is as much about the marketing of players and the club as it is about winning matches.

Would Beckham contribute to a winning side? Could he make a lasting impact on the pitch?

General opinion seems to be that his days of being a top class midfielder are long gone. He is now viewed as the elder statesmen, able to motivate the younger players around him, sharing his vast knowledge and experience of the game – virtues that should not be underestimated.

Whatever the outcome of negotiations with PSG, Beckham is sure to find his popularity as steadfast as ever.

Gary Peters

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