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Wenger: Defeat by Olympiakos a learning experience

Yes, Arsene, it was a learning experience … hopefully for YOU !!  The Arsenal fans have been telling you for some time.

  • Not many of the youngsters are ready yet – though they may become very good in time. Frimpong and Coquelin were overwhelmed in midfield and frequently lost the ball in dangerous positions.  Like Oxlade already and, hopefully, Miguel they can only be used in the 1st team one at a time. I wish them well. Flappy Handski is never going to make and, sadly, Manone also looks highly unreliable. We need an old hand near the end of his career as standby to Sczeszny.
  • But …. and more worryingly … certain of our experienced players were a bloody disgrace. I don’t mean Benayoun who is skiful, creative and hard working (nor, of course, Vermaelen).  I mean Chamakh (!) , Djourou (!!) and Arshavin (!!!)

How can a highly intelligent man  like Arsene not see it … ?

Chamakh –  What has happened to the man .. after starting his Arsenal career so well ?  Is it simply that he ceased to play regularly from New Year 2011.  Lost his touch, short of pace, short of confidence, short of effort ?  He did look, initially, like a good acquisition .. but no longer.  Is he unsuited to the obstinately and unimaginatively unchanging Arsenal formation  ?   Maybe he needs more crosses and a striking partner in a 442 or etc ??  He cannot do the business as lone striker. If anything happens to RVP … he is not an adequate replacement. We must sell Chamakh and buy a top class striker instead. 

Djourou –  Is my ,memory going or did Djourou play well as a partner to Toure and/or Senderos (!) not many years ago ?  And wasn’t he going to mature into a first rater ?  He has not been safe in defence for ages now and at right back last night he was a disaster. He frequently goes bush, loses concentration, loses his man, loses his positional bearings. A good winger would take him to the cleaners – two shoulders on and slow to turn. Lost confidence and very prone to error. We won’t have a new Manager but if we did Djourou would be out the door soonest.  Why can’t Wenger see it ?  Most fans can.

Arshavin –  Ok and as I keep saying … he is played out of position where he is no good.  But fans cannot abide a talented player who continually loses the ball and then just walks back behind the play .. like he’s got no interest. Yes, it is sometimes because he tries something ambitious but it is also because he looks after the ball piss poorly.  When he plays it is like we have ten and a half men.  He has been no good for a long time .. and again … every fan knows it. Given a choice I would cease to use him at all, preferring Walcott and Gervinho at the same time or Oxlade or Benayoun or … anyone.  Arsene …  admit the mistake, admit Arshavin is taking the mickey and out him. Let him go and pick up his huge wage packet somewhere else !!


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