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Redknapp not a good idea for England

This is not an attack on Redknapp, his management abilities or his personality. In many ways ‘Arry is a fantastic candidate for the most coveted position in English football (and the most undesirable). He has worked wonders wherever he has gone and currently at Spurs he has been at his career best form. Everyone knows that they were bottom of the league when he first took over and now he has made them a real force in the league and even in Europe. Currently they look like they will take some beating and a title challenge is all that Spurs players seem to be talking about.

Redknapp himself is a real wheeler-dealer, it is what he is famous for, at Portsmouth he made some really fantastic signings for the club, and at Spurs he has done the same. Van der Vaart and Parker for under £10 million each is real value for money. Especially when you consider Torres costing £50 million, Henderson £20 million and Carroll £35 million.

I would say though that this attribute is obviously completely irrelevant when it comes to a national role. You don’t buy, you have to work with what you are given. As a man manager ‘Arry does seem to be able to get the best out of most of his players, but he appears to alienate others. He certainly has favourites. Once out of his team it is very hard to get back in. This might mean that he would be very inflexible when it comes to picking England squads, not a positive trait for a national manager. Players need to be considered on their club form as well as national form.  

That is not to say that all club managers would make poor national managers, take Mark Hughes and Alex McLeish. ‘Arry would probably be able to adapt his style for the role but I think there is a better placed candidate for the national job. Stuart Pearce.

For one it would go along with the current mindset of moving personnel up from the under 21 squad. Actually that is my first argument, with so many players getting into the senior squad now from the under 21 side it would be good to have someone who already has a knowledge and understanding for the players. The senior players would also have the greatest amount of respect for Pearce for what he already has done for the English game, as do the fans. I think he would certainly be a popular choice for everyone.

Pearce has experience of going to major tournaments, as a player and as a manager. He knows what works, and importantly he should have adequate experience of what doesn’t work. Pearce was part of the 1990 squad who went the closest to a major tournament win since 1966, being knocked out in the semi-final by West Germany. Perhaps he could bring some of this knowledge and take it further with the current England players. Having been part of the backroom team at the last World Cup will also have its benefits, you would like to think that he would have some idea where they went wrong with their preparations and therefore have an idea of how to correct them. The only downside is that he does have a very strong connection to the current England manager who certainly provides a divided opinion. Maybe it depends on how well, or badly, England do in the Euros to whether Pearce has any chance of the job. 

Perhaps it is time to have a long-term project for the national side. Whoever comes in as manager will have two years to do what they can with the players to try and qualify for the next tournament, and with more young players coming into the side perhaps a younger manager who has been there and done it, as a player and coach will be a good thing. Pearce has the relevant experience he has the desire and he would have the majority of fans on his side.

He is also not being investigated for tax evasion.

Josh Giles

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