How much longer can Dalglish defend Suarez?

As if Dalglish hasn’t got enough on his plate with Lucas on the long term injury list along with team captain Steven Gerrard, and Jay Spearing suspended following his red card against Fulham on Monday. Surely the last thing Kenny Dalglish needs is to be fielding yet more questions concerning Luis Suarez after the gesture he made toward the home fans at Craven Cottage on Monday.

I think it’s about time Suarez was taken aside and given a stern talking too. Things, although by no means catastrophic for the club, are hard enough with trying to make up already lost ground in an already tight top half of the Premiership. It’s fair to say this is a distraction Dalglish can do without and I think it’s about time Suarez started to let his feet do the talking, and getting the attention rather than getting into hot water for these things which can and should have been avoided with a little more discipline.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Suarez is getting a reputation for “diving” and going down too easily. I’m afraid to say, I don’t entirely disagree with this. Suarez is not exactly weak and he should, in my opinion be able to withstand the rough and tumble of the league. It’s become apparent in many games that Suarez is now a well marked man and he will get enough knocks anyway. Genuine tough tackles.

Yes he may have won the odd free kick in a dangerous area, but from what I can see, the referees seem to penalise him more than award him any free-kicks. It’s even becoming a situation where the referees are beginning to oenalise him as a matter of course. His reputation is beginning to preceed him and I don’t think this is what the team nor he needs.

I May be speculating but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dalglish has taken Suarez to one side and had a word in his “shell-like”. There are more pressing matters to be getting on with than defending the lad and he has to be made aware of that. I’m sure this will all stop soon and Suarez will begin to toe the line.

Ben Green @Koptimes

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