Football Friends Online – When 90 Mins Is Not EnoughVenky's have a gun to their own head...will they pull the trigger? - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough Venky's have a gun to their own head...will they pull the trigger? - Football Friends Online - When 90 Mins Is Not Enough

Venky’s have a gun to their own head…will they pull the trigger?

The transfer window has begun, and as expected, the teams that find themselves at the unfashionable end of the league are fighting to keep hold of their prize assets.

Bolton are set to lose Gary Cahill, whilst Wigan are doing their best to keep hold of midfield duo James McCarthy and Mohammed Diame.

It is elsewhere in Lancashire however, at the utopian football club that is Blackburn Rovers, where the fans began to cross their fingers the second the clock struck midnight on the 1st.

Whereas their relegation rivals are putting up a fierce resistance to keep their squads together, Venkys seem set to sell off at least two key players, with possibly more to follow.

Chris Samba, Junior Holliet, Mauro Formica and Steven N’Zonzi have all been linked with moves away in recent days and the Indian chicken gurus have done nothing to stop those stories, in fact they have gone on record as saying that the club needs to sell.

To make matters worst, Mr. Popular 2011 Steve Kean has already stated that Michel Salgado can leave this month.

That does sound like a good idea I suppose, I mean he has lost all of his pace and is very old now, plus they have other right-backs at the club…..hang on a minute, no they don’t, they do not have one other recognised right-back in the entire first team squad!

The Blackburn Rovers situation would be difficult to make up.

The manager has one of the worst records and is almost certainly the most detested manager in Premier League history, the club is in the relegation zone, has not had one single clean sheet all season and what do the owners see as a solution to all of this? Sell their best players.

To be fair,  they do need to pay off an overfraft used by the previous tenants.

But someone needs to tell them that selling a few personnel now, and making £20 million, will be nothing compared to the £50 million they will lose at least if they are sucked into The Championship. A feat that is almost certain to occur if the nucleas of the side is torn apart.

A combination of inexperience and stubborness has lead to Rovers becoming the English game’s laughing stock.

The Venky’s have already started to count their chickens, and if the club are relegated then they will not be hatching in the latter half of 2012.


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