Nani dismisses England’s chances at Euro 2012.

Portugal and Manchester United winger Luis Nani insists England are not strong enough to win Euro 2012 next month. 

England has already seen the injury withdrawals of Gareth Barry, Frank Lampard and Gary Cahill. Although Nani insists he wants England to reach the quarter-finals, the portuguese winger  believes the two game suspension of Wayne Rooney could lead to England possibly be knocked out in the group stages of the tournament.    

He said: ” Rooney is a key man and two matches without my United companion could be too much for England.   For an England team without  Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry is vulnerable because they are suffering in all departments of the team. Their replacements are not at the same level as them. These absences place many doubts about the English for the Euros.”  

Nani concluded with his tips for the tournament. he said: ”  History dictates England are normally candidates for the title. In reality they are not this time. I see Spain, Germany and Holland as the main threats in this upcoming European Championship.  Also, do not underestimate us Portuguese as we could spring  a  surprise. ” 

Now us patriotic English fans know how naive we have been in the past for building up talk of our country winning a major tournament.

However, this England team are going into Euro 2012 with the lowest expectation levels from fans in years.  

Yes,  Nani is correct when he talks about the run of injuries we have suffered in the England squad.  Yes, we are not one of the favourites to win it and rightly  so after the shambles of  the 2010 World Cup.  Yes, we probably  won’t win the competition, but to say we will will struggle to qualify from the group stages is a’ bit rich’  coming from Nani who’s country only just qualified for the euro’s via a Play-Off with Boznia and Herzegovina.    


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