Step up to the mark and become a legend! (VIDEO)

Luis Suarez’s career in the Premiership has been full of highs and lows and also much controversy. At times the Uruguayan has shown breath taking skill and ability and at times he has shown his dark side.

There is one thing for certain Luis Suarez is world class. When he is on form is can be devastating to oppositions with his unbelievable close skill and a good eye for goal. He has scored some fantastic goals for Liverpool in his time at Liverpool so far.

There is no doubt this season Suarez is going to be heavily relied on and of late he has stepped up to the plate. This season is the season where he needs to grab the bull by the horns as they say and go for it. He needs to score twenty plus goals in the season for the Reds and become a Premiership player success.

Last season was a difficult one for Suarez. He didn’t score as many goals as he was expected to and I he had a bad two months where he served an 8 game ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra. He didn’t help himself when on his return in the match against Man United he refused to shake Evra’s hand. If Suarez thought that he wasn’t well liked by Manchester United he could be assured after that incident he certainly isn’t.

However in Suarez’s defence he came through the suspension well and continued on with his football and made sure he wasn’t involved in any more of field antics.

Now Suarez needs to ensure this remains the case. At the moment he is in free flowing form and finding the net regularly. He scored a fantastic hat trick at Norwich and in the week he inspired Liverpool’s performance in the second half against Udinese where he scored a fantastic free kick and gave the Italian team all kinds of problems.

The only side of his game Suarez now needs to forget is the theatrical falling and diving he seems to use when being fouled. Yes Suarez is likely to be fouled more often than most as the way he players is likely to draw defenders into making the wrong decision, but when he goes down he needs to cut out the rolling around and leaping in the air. Referees are getting wise to his antics and will soon stop giving him free kicks or penalties because of his acting on the floor, even if the offence was a foul.

There is no doubt Suarez is world class and can turn a game around single on his own. He needs to continue his good run of form and forget getting involved with other players. As my Cricket captain would tell me during the season “Focus on your own game”, Suarez needs to do that and he could potentially become an Anfield legend.

Daniel Clark


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