Giroud review. (Video)

And so, the wait is over! Oli Giroud has finally found the net in a Premier League game for the Arsenal. Hooray! 

Boy it was worth it wasn’t it? No? OK just me. Either way I feel that we should take a moment to reflect and revel in the greatness that is Olivier Giroud. We knew he had it in him and now, he is finally not a tabloid target of humility and giggle-arity. 

Yeah got a bit carried away there, but anyway here is the goal again if you did miss it.

Not only does Giroud score this goal, if you watch it again, he demonstrates why he is such as asset to this Arsenal side. He collects the ball deep in midfield, arguably where you don’t want to see him. Pushes the ball out to Lukas Podolski and then breaks his neck to make sure he is the man in the box when that ball comes back in. 

Take note kids, that’s some good tekkers right there. 

That’s it then, he’s FINALLY up and running – well not quite. He’s actually been ‘up and running’ all season. He’s got a handful of assists to his name and has been a pivotal figure in holding the ball of for Poldolski, Gervinho, Ramsay and Walcott to bomb onto. 

Since I last wrote about Olivier Giroud about 3 Prem games and a half of CO-Cup ago, he looks as though he is finding his feet in the Prem. He had tough lessons against City and Chelsea and had a decent run against Olympiakos in which to get another assist. Yes we haven’t seen enough goals from him yet, but we were never going to get a like for like replacement for RvP straight away – and who want want it? 

Arsenal have gone back to becoming a team this season, without a single shining star who will grab the headlines. The goal distribution has been good thus far, with Gervinho loving it and getting his nose out in front for the golden boot so far, it’s good to see all new recruits gettng their hands dirty. Even Theo Walcott is showing signs that he might actually want to be that striker he claims to be. 

Lukas Podolski had a brief quiet spell but seems to be back in the fold now, Santi Cazorla had a tough time against Chelsea but aside from that, he’s been a wonder to watch and of course now Olivier Giroud is getting amongst it and showing us all why we will love him and sing his name, hopefully for years to come. 

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though… remember that chap Marouane Chamakh? He started life brilliantly and was last seen hiding behind Steve Bould’s dome in the dugout..

This one just feels different though, doesn’t it! He can hold it up, he can pass it, he can head it and he will throw everything he’s got at it. 

We’ve had a taste of things to come – but here is a showcase reel of what our man Oli can do with some confidence.


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