Tweeting worse than cheating (Video)

How has it come to being that we live in a world where petty comments and the use of social media has become a greater offence than that of its physical counterpart?

The weekend kicked off with Ashley Cole doing exactly that – kicking off. His decision to ‘tweet’ in response to the FA stating his comments were irregular and inconsistent was nothing short of juvenile. The England and Chelsea left back has since seen what a stupid boy he’s been, deleted his tweet (19k retweets too late!!) and apologised unreservedly. 

Now compare this to the unpunished diving, elbowing and stamping that’s been allowed to stand after the latest round of fixtures. Robert Huths attack on Luis Suarez’s chest, Robin van Persie’s elbow at Yohan Cabaye and Suarez and Bale’s obvious attempts at mimicking Tom Daley.

What the hell!?! 

The referees in question have apparently reviewed each of these cases and deemed them unworthy of retrospective caution and/or dismissal. 

How is physical harm to another human being and blatant cheating less of an offence than inappropriate use of a slur to a ‘body’? 

Ashley cole was almost certain to collect his 99th and 100th caps for England during this international break and only has himself to blame for probably not doing so. Hodgson is the type of bloke who would have rewarded him with the captaincy for his Century also but that’ll have to wait…

Where is it all going wrong? Is it just handbags and none of the weekends incidents lead to punishment?  

Arsenals Eduardo was dragged through the mud after he was judged to have dived against Celtic in a Champions League encounter a few years back. That was debatable at the time yet he was still crucified. Eric Cantona used to regularly feel the iron fist of the FA for his antics no worse than Huths stamp. 

What’s happened?? These things are happening week in, week out but seem to be overlooked because something trivial has happened instead? 

Bring back David Ellery… 

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