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A silly post about Gervinho

Arsenal’s decent start to the season has coincided with one Ivorian winger’s move to a central striker.

Comparisons have been drawn, I believe very wrongly, with Gervinho and Thierry Henry. Granted, they’re both wingers, but I think that’s where the comparisons stop! I don’t think Arsenal fans enjoy the prospect of the game when they see Gervinho’s name lining up front on the teamsheet, but somehow it works. It’s a mystery, but it does work.

The Winger scored 2 goals against Southampton in his first game up top, before being absolute (I don’t want to use the word) against Man City, but then, when fans must have been praying that this sick, sick joke was over, he starts up front against Chelsea and, I don’t know how, he scores.

Now, I do actually think he’s a very useful player. His movement is very good, and he must be a nightmare for defenders in one on ones.

There will always be that element of doubt on whether he will actually be good or not on the day or not though, so I’ve compiled 10 silly reasons why Gervinho annoys me:

1 – I don’t think he knows what he’s ever going to do when the ball comes to him

2 – Even worse, I don’t think his team mates have any idea what he’s going to do, which sometimes affects their movement off the ball

3 – He has stupid hair

4 – He doesn’t shoot when in and around the box

5 – He has a big forehead

6 – Last year in fantasy league, he was listed as a striker, but never played up front. This year, I bet they thought they got rid of this problem, listing him as a midfielder. Where’s he playing this season? Damn.

7 – He came from Lille. Hazard came from Lille – BE LIKE HIM.

8 – He missed a penalty at the African Cup of Nations. What a bottler.

9 – His name sounds too Brazilian for my liking

10 – He has a big forehead

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