No place in football for any of it. (Video)

Racism, Sexism, missed handshakes and now Actual Bodily Harm. The world of football has had a time of it the past few years. 

From Big Ron’s off camera faux pas and Gray and Keysey’s ‘banter’ about the girls on the Sky set, we thought we’d seen the worst of it – but now with last season’s racism spells hanging over the current season like a bad hangover, we were treated this past weekend to the newest ugly face of football.

Chris Kirkland, the former Liverpool and England goalkeeper was attacked by a filthy, slimy speck of a human being who thought he was ‘boss’ enough to hit the goalkeeper in the face with a double hadouken punch. 

I won’t name the git as I feel that I’ve already given him the publicity he wanted but the question I am asking in this blog post is…

Where the hell were the stewards?!?! 

If you watch the video, the hooligan nonchalontly cruises onto the pitch and strolls up to Kirkland (who stupidly keeps his arms by his side I might add) and has a good old swing at the goalkeeper. 

How the hell did he manage to get that far?

When a streaker enters the field of play, the stewards are chasing after them like a Benny Hill sketch – this guy could have moonwalked or crawled and seemingly got away with it! 

Sky Sports News has just informed me that the dullard in question here has been handed a lifetime ban from Elland Road.

Ban him from all football for life I say. He doesn’t deserve our beautiful game.