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Questions! Questions!

I wonder sometimes whether or not football reporters have a set list of questions prepared that they ask following the game.

So often you hear the same questions: ‘How do you feel after the win/loss?’ ‘What positives will you take from this result?’. The managers and players often come out with similar responses unless you’re Paolo di Canio of course.

Also, it’s a very rare occurrence for a manager to openly criticize one his players so as not to crush the player’s morale. I think it would be great for football if reporters spice up the interviewing process by really forcing this issue with managers and players alike.

For example, someone should really put Arsene Wenger on the spot about Theo Walcott’s ongoing contract negotiations, an incident which Wenger used to relegate Walcott to the bench. 

Reporter: ‘So, Arsene, why is it that Walcott is being such a greedy little shit and holding out for a Bosman? I mean, after all you have done for him too, that must be a kick in the teeth?’

Wenger: ‘Of course. That cheeky little bugger won’t sign a new contract so I thought I’d teach him a lesson by sticking him on the bench. Turns out we need him, though, as he is scoring the bloody goals.’

That would be superb if all post match interview were conducted in this manner. The closest we got to this kind of brutal honesty is with Harry Redknapp and Sir Slex Ferguson. 

Pre-match press conferences, too, should adopt this style.

Reporter: ‘Roberto, do you think there is any chance that your group of overpaid millionaires have a chance at winning the Champions League?’

Mancini: ‘Nope, they’ve been shit.’ (Walks out of room)

Anyway, I can see problems arising if journalists were to persistently irk managers with scathing questions. Perhaps that is what is required of a journalist, though, in order to get a soundbite from a manager instead of the usual drawl most managers roll out.